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  1. Crap. Strong storms are heading this way. Well, more plans I have to cancel

    1. Halfblood


      Storms, storms, and more storms. That's all I'm seeing on my forecast and it saddens me. Atleast it's making things cooler (depending on where you are).

  2. I just found out that season 4 doesn't air until winter. WINTER! *sigh* I was hoping something like fall

  3. To be truthful, I really don't think I will be permanent. She didn't seem to thrilled when Celestia told her her destiny to become a princess. Plus you have to do a lot of work as a princess. there is a high chance that she will dislike all work as a princess and demand to be changed back. Only my guess.
  4. Nope. Not going in Fluttershy's shed.
  5. Sick as a dog, a day before my birthday. :(

  6. Hmm... Well, if I had the power to die whenever I wanted, then yes. If I couldn't die no matter what, then no. Plus it would be fun to do whatever you wanted (Like blow something up) and not have the worry of death.
  7. Probably just going to rest most of the time. Help my papaw out with his garden, and we plan to go to Dollywood for a day or two. other than that not much.
  8. four hour of going around town and I ended up getting food and a minecraft poster! At least it looks awesome.

    1. Zygen


      Hehe, oh well, atleast you ended up with something.

    2. No longer active~

      No longer active~

      Yea, looks awesome in my room.

  9. Something I've always wanted to do, shapshifting and flying! Turn into a dragon and burn down a village or something like that
  10. No longer active~

    Movies/TV Mystery Science Theater 3000

    My favourite episode of MST3K would have to be Lazerblast. I think It's amazing how they turn a awful movie into such a funny experience. I even have a MST3K mousepad with Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow on it.
  11. I'll think about what I want to draw next and what aspects I need to improve in drawing. I'll grab my notepad and start drawing. It always helps me sleep. having awesome dreams in the process.
  12. It's has been a long time since I've been on! This was because my art teacher died for unknown reasons :( She was just recovering to. T_T

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    2. No longer active~
    3. Zygen


      Wow, man, sorry to hear.


      we're glad to have you back though.

    4. No longer active~

      No longer active~

      Thanks for the kind words :)

  13. I should probably get to drawing something, I have the urge to,but I don't know what.

    1. Digiral


      maybe you should draw derpy racing with rainbow dash , you know ? derpy has more speed than rainbow dash?

    2. No longer active~

      No longer active~

      Sure! Sounds awesome!

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