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  1. 2015 needs to come faster.

    1. Artemis


      It really does.

  2. hey

    Welcome mate and enjoy yourself here at the forums. You will really love it. And hopefully you will become a brony in time
  3. Rate song, then post another!

  4. Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    5/10 needs more pony
  5. Rate song, then post another!

    6/10 not much of a pink Floyd fan.
  6. Rate song, then post another!

    7/10 pretty good
  7. Hello I'm new to here and to the fandom.

    Hello and welcome to the forums. You are going to love it here. At the forums we are all bronies and pegasisters and we show love here not hate so welcome and feel the love.
  8. Rarity's Going to Give You a Makeover

    I would be like get away from me please I like myself the way I am now
  9. I need alittle help

    That sounds like an awesome group mate.
  10. I need to get out of there right away.
  11. Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    6/10 pretty good mate could be a bit better