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  1. I was gonna post this in here 2 hours ago but I had to go to cross country. http-~~-// http-~~-// Here's some delicious first and third wave post-rock for you all. Challenge: Name a rock band that formed from 1970 to now. A real rock band. The correct answer: There are none. Progressive and psychedelia killed rock in the late 60's. Hair metal obviously wasn't rock. "Alternative" and grunge aren't rock either: they took more influence from sludge metal, noise rock, progressive, and indie than from "rock". Modern "rock" bands are pop musicians with distorted guitars. I'm going to agree that "rock" is dead, but Discovery is actually a great house album. Music isn't worse nowadays; if you think that all music that has come out recently is bad then you don't listen to enough music.
  2. Here's a crash course: Compare this: To this: The first is classified as thrash and the second is in a genre called drone metal. Thrash and one of its derivative genre metalcore are both centered around melody. Death, doom, black, and drone are less focused on melody and more focused on timbre (mostly due to the fact that they drew influence from avant garde music as well as various forms of noise music).
  3. I'm not Swedish, but I know this really good band from Gothenburg. I just bought their EP on vinyl. Here's their bandcamp page: As for bands where I live, Dinosaur Jr. is based out of a town ~30 minutes away from me, but one of the band members is from my city.
  4. "Elektro" should be changed to "electronic music". "Progressive" is a term applied to music which is made in an attempt to make music of a particular genre using a more artistic approach (e.g. Progressive rock). That being said, the only "progressive" genre that deserves to be mentioned separately from its base genre should be progressive rock because of the huge divergence in sound between prog rock and the rest of rock music. If progressive rock were a genre in the poll, not only would people that like your average prog rock like Mike Oldfield and King Crimson, but it could also include Krautrock (Can, Neu!), math rock (Slint, This Town Needs Guns), and post rock (Efrim Menuck's bands, Sigur Rós) along with many other sub-genres and derivative genres from progressive. I also think that black, death, doom, and drone metal should be in their own category, as thrash and metalcore bands like Metallica and Killswitch Engage sound nothing like Burzum, Earth, Electric Wizard, or Mayhem.
  5. Oh man you like meal? Here's some meal. Have fun.
  6. I'm really not a fan of dubstep, but seeing as most of you guys haven't heard legit dubstep, I'm gonna post this in here. This isn't brostep and doesn't sound like it at all (i.e. no bass drops), but before you tell me this isn't dubstep, it is.
  7. Post rock is superior to all forms of music. This is emo. DUDE DO YOU NOT LISTEN TO POST AVANT JAZZCORE? HOW ABOUT PROGRESSIVE DREAMFUNK? Fugazi is post-hardcore dude not emo.
  8. >Implying that wouldn't do what has already been done