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  1. Equestria Girls is an hour long DVD thing now? Wow.

    1. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      I think it's going to movies too. :o

  2. Mother? That's very interesting! So why couldn't she be an Alicorn? Is it because she couldn't rule over anything? Because Twilight now rules over Friendship and Magic (I think). So she would possibly be jealous and want power and would possibly become a new antagonist?
  3. Hi! OK, I was browsing My Little Brony on Memebase, and I saw this: Sunset Shimmer was a student before Twilight? As soon as I saw it, I was wondering whether she would appear in Season 4 or not. And if there would be any conflict or friendship between her and Twilight. I also wondered about Celestia, since Sunset was her student before, would she say something to Twilight about her possibly arriving to Ponyville and needing guidance. Or conflict because Twilight is now an Alicorn, and Sunset might be jealous. Any ideas? ~ Splodge Inks
  4. Well, I suppose. Still you never see stallion Alicorns. I just think it's weird. Unless they have to do something, like Twilight did. I don't know.
  5. Yeah, that would be pretty amazing. I know, he blew up and his horn was blasted away. But he was an amazing villain, and was one of the most evil. I hope this is right, I really want him to return! But, he possessed Trixie with an ALICORN amulet. So, why isn't he an Alicorn too? Or is it only mares who can?
  6. I wish S4 would come faster. I wanna know what happens! :D

    1. Leafeon
    2. Splodge Inks

      Splodge Inks

      9... Months... It'll all be fine...

  7. He was a pretty awesome villain. I'd love it for him to come back, but people told me that at Unicon, he was said to be dead and wouldn't make a come back... But I really hope he will!
  8. Hi, you guys! Well, King Sombra didn't really get much screen time. So I thought, "Hey, will King Sombra come back? He didn't really do much on screen. He didn't really talk at all." Do you want him to come back? I'd really like to see him again, because think of what Princess Twilight can do! (No, not marry him! If that is what you thought, that is...) New adventures with old villains as they don't say. I'd like to see more character depth to him too. Like, what made him corrupted? Why does he want to enslave everyone? Well, that's probably because Candace is on the throne there anyway. Yeah, I made a Discord post too, but I like to know which villain you want back, because villains are cool, right? Well, some of them. Bye! ~Splodge Inks P.S Tell me other villains you wish to see back too! I'd like to see more Trixie, actually. She is quite cool, so I want to see what she thinks of the new Princess Twilight!
  9. Yeah, I like him good! I just wonder whether he should be bad again. Discord is my favourite Antagonist (Even thought he isn't one now, still love him!) But you know the rumours that he is Starswirl? Do you think he'll tell Fluttershy that he is? I would LOVE of him. But I like him good.
  10. Hi everypony! You know how Discord is good right now, right? That's good, but do you want him evil again, causing chocolate rain (No, not the song, silly!) from candy floss clouds? I like knowing what other people think, if that's OK with you, that is... I would love if he was evil again, because I miss the chaos he would cause, he was so funny too! The soul of humour in MLP! But he is still cool good, of course. But havoc beats rainbows in my case. (It's a metaphor. But, you never know!) So, what do you want and think? I'm interested to know who thinks the same. Also, what do you think will happen to him in Season 4? Will he be bad for good, or good for good? (Confusing, I know.) Chaos! We all love it, want it, need it. Bye! ~Splodge Inks
  11. Princess Skyla on earlier My Little Pony? I think she was. I looked her up, but all I could find was her now. ​ I believe she was on one of the My Little Pony Movies. I'm sure of it, I think it had something to day with a Magical Garden...?
  12. Ten Gazillion Gummys! Gummy isn't a Pony? Then, Fluttershy, I choose you! Yeah, Fluttershy would be kind to everyone and do The Stare to everyone I dislike! mwhahahahahahahahahaha
  13. I wish Derpy would stay with is for S4!

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    2. Splodge Inks
    3. Fubz


      Derpy's still been left in the intro scene. They couldn't be bothered editing her out.

    4. Splodge Inks

      Splodge Inks

      GOOD! I love Derpy! She's awesome!

  14. That would be awesome and hilarious! I kinda hope that happens! I hope writers are on here, because this really need to happen on MLP!
  15. I gotta admit, I miss Crystal Empire already. I hope it comes back! I wonder what Twilight will do with her new wings there? Will crowds swarm the new princess? That might happen.
  16. LOL, yeah. But Hasbro is the one who wanted her made. So she probably will appear at some point in one of the Season 4 episodes.BUT WHEN?!
  17. Yeah, that sounds pretty legit! I'd like an episode like that! But what about the Princess Skyla? What is she going to do with the possible mother Candace?
  18. They didn't have Cutie Marks, so yeah they could be CMC or relatives! Do you think they will appear soon? Because the toys would be just there without a character to go after.
  19. Yeah. But I wonder who Sunny Daze and Apple Sprout are... Do you think they will be implemented on the show? We have been kept under confusion for a while over these leaked toys.
  20. Princess Skyla is rumoured to be Candace's and Shining Armour's foal. Yeah, Spike looks weird as a toy... It's quite funny, but I don't know if these characters are going to be in the show.
  21. Hi, guys! Have you seen all the post's about Princess Skyla and who she is? Well, are they actually going to be implemented? By "they" I mean there are more characters. I found one called Sunny Daze and she also looks like Sweetie Belle recoloured. There is also a one that looks like a recoloured Scootaloo called Apple Sprout... I have a feeling that she is someone of the Apple family, but I haven't seen her at the "Apple Family Reunion" episode. There are Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash and Spike, but those are real. Can someone shed some light on this? Because I'm not sure who these are, if they will be implemented in to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" or when something will happen about these. Bye! ~Splodge Inks P.S Sorry for the long message. ​ I'm just a bit confused. *Edit* I thought this was more for this area, because they should be in the show, so it isn't in Sugarcube Corner, but I might be wrong.
  22. No, I don't think he is a minor Antagonist. He just does his job, which makes him OK. Well, I believe that if they do something to harm characters, the are an Antagonist. Iron Will didn't do this.
  23. Oh yeah, you can choose minor villains too! You know like Gilda, Flim and Flam, Trixie... But they aren't very big characters, but you can still choose them!
  24. Yes, I can see both sides, but evidence points to before. I am Pro-Twilicorn, bit I still love Unicorn Twilight. But what will happen to her in Season 4? I really want to see what happens to her!