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  1. Absolutely. I post and short of a controversial thread, people don't care so much about what I say. Hence why I have been backing off quite a bit
  2. welcome to what we call an opinion...you may want to learn to deal with them And it wasn't the only good match Warrior taking down the Undertaker, Macho Man even his loss to Rick Rude...all gold
  3. Ultimate Warrior was my absolute favorite. The Wrestlemania where he beat Hulk Hogan was in my opinion the pinnacle of wrestling...Wrestling now is total crap
  4. I don't really believe that the amount of posts you make has anything to do with how much of a brony you are. I will never reach 10k and that's fine. I am still just as much a brony as those who do
  5. Shankveld - She was so sweet to me and we started talking off of the forum She's fantastic as far as I am concerned and I miss her dearly on here
  6. same here...if anyone is 21 or older...drop me a line and I'd love to write...but only 21 and over as I don't think it would be wise for me to be writing to youngins :-)
  7. first of all...brohoofs to the few that answered... Good on all of you! I love to run I am averaging five miles a day with a day rest once a week. I know some runners will jump on me for this...but I did it...I bought minimalist shoes today. I am taking a break tomorrow then scaling back to a mile or two to start training myself to mid strike while I run. I've heard good form behind it and so many personal stories...so hear goes nothing! thanks again for posting!
  8. Feel free to add me any time. I am on once in a while...yes I am aware I am an older brony...also be aware I am not a creeper or anything...I am just trying to meet fellow bronies...so please don't judge on age :-) acokyo
  9. And that is the problem right there for me. Nobody can leave anybody else alone in this world. We all have to push everyone else to do what we do and follow our patterns because we are somehow magically right. Our science is better than their science and blah blah I have a few vegetarian fiends and they are still friends because they don't push this bs on me all the time. I eat my meat (in a very healthy ratio with vegetables I might add) and they don't. I don't force bacon in their face and they don't force a tomato in mine. We all live peacefully...you get the point But on the flipsi
  10. I can't change my vote in the actual poll but I am changing my vote personally from hetero to bi...It's been a long time coming and I have thought about this for years now... well heck...I guess I just came out to you guys. My wife heard it first...but publicly this is my first time...wow....thanks for listening
  11. I haven't started a topic in here for a long time...but it's spring, and running season is on! So let's hear from all you joggers, runners, triathletes...whatever! So a little about me... Favorite Distance of Race: 10k Favorite Race Ever: 2005 Grandma's Marathon - first marathon I ever did. I was just aiming to finish and I did! Worst Race: 2005 Trestle Valley Half-Marathon - 25 degrees, snowing, first 6 miles had a 15 mph head wind...hated that run Currently I am averaging about 25-30 miles a week. I have some 5k's, a 10k and a half marathon planned this year. Next year I will
  12. Cupcake Ice Cream


    I might be a loser for admitting it but I've never seen this before... this is pretty damn funny. I'm gonna be trying this a lot later when I get back home...thanks OP
  13. Cupcake Ice Cream

    Technology Google or Bing?

    I took that stupid advertised Bing vs Google challenge and I am happy to say I picked Google 4 out of 5 times...it was funny to watch them still try to talk me into changing to Bing
  14. I'd go about 1/10 I've been here a while, am older and don't get out as much. The two people who really knew and liked me are gone so there ya go
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