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  1. Treble Bolt

    Food What is your favorite vegetable(s) to eat?

    Tomatoes, peppers, squash, and pumpkins are all fruits...... I love asparagus and Brussel sprouts. I will saute them in butter and add a pinch of garlic powder and Parmesan cheese. Delicious!!!
  2. Treble Bolt

    S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    I am not a fan of Twilight in the episode. Her blanketing statements about other races is well, racist. And the head of the EEA is even worse. However, I think this presents the thought that ponies, in general, are racist due to ignorance. Not a bad thing, but Twilight of all ponies should know better. On the other hand, Twilight herself is still learning, she is far from perfect and there is a lot to do to get over preconceived notions of other races, despite having more contact with them than any pony. She has even made a few enemies due to the lack of respect. I cannot imagine the hippogriff nation just up and forgiving her, especially with how she went behind Queen Novo's back in the movie. That can present some international conflict, and at the very least, Novo would not trust Twilight in the future even if she does trust Celestia. The movie in conjunction with the season opener really makes me think about the international ramifications. On a lighter note, Yona is the cutest thing EVER! I want a plushie of her so bad! Seriously, that character just made me smile every single moment she was on screen. Her design is adorable. The yaks in general are appealing, even though the adults are disheveled in appearance. And what's with the Changelings' names. Ocellus is a term for bug eyeballs. I wish there was sentient deer canon to the series. The Changelings I guess come close, but they aren't deer. I wish that part of the comics became canon. I love deer.
  3. Treble Bolt

    Do you have a beard? Do you like beards?

    My husband has a wonderful, Amish-like beard. It's fluffy
  4. Treble Bolt

    Applejack hate?

    I don't know what you are talking about. Applejack has appeared in MORE episodes than any other character, even Twilight Sparkle! She is a static character. Her majority of growth has already happened before the series started. She still has flaws, but unlike Rainbow Dash and Rarity, she has no further ambitions for her life, and thus those flaws are more focused on then ultimate goals (because she's right where she wants to be). As far as SSCS6000, she WAS right all along. How can you learn something when you were right to begin with. It's not fair to use that episode as a means to define her character as far as "growth" or lack thereof is concerned. That episode was not for her to learn something so much as it was for her family, her friends and the audience to take home the lesson. In fact that episode shows how much of a catalyst she is to helping others learn lessons. Silver Quill talks a great deal on this. Applejack is the most mature of the Mane 6, has all her ducks in a row, is practical and pragmatic, makes due with what she has, cherishes what she has, works hard to keep what she has without complaint while helping others with their own needs/desires at the same time, and overall a down to earth pony. All these traits are not often seen in kids shows, nor is the amalgamation of these traits often seen in real life. As someone being from the USA, I can say that I have never run into someone like AJ unless they are elderly. Most people in the USA are too greedy and selfish to embody an Applejack like nature, and thus cannot relate to her. However, many people know people that are similar to AJ in certain ways. To a degree, Applejack is the OPPOSITE of what most Americans are like, which explains why she is so beloved in Japan, even though she is stereotypically "Southern." But that's for a different topic. Overall, she is a very good role model, and very mature and practical one at that.
  5. Treble Bolt

    General Long Nails or Short Nails?

    No, but getting there. I cut them so short I cannot see the whites that normally hang off.
  6. Treble Bolt

    Ponies on Steam Engines!

    Been forever since I made one!!! Goodness life is nuts....anyways. On Applejack Day, here's to best horse, on an Avery of course!!! I am currently in a machining program at my local community college, and have access to many kinds of equipment. One such thing is called a shopbot, where i can make signs using Solidworks and Aspire....I'm thinking one of my signs will be AJ on this engine....If I make it, I will post that too! Here's some progress.....
  7. Treble Bolt

    Paris, France Terrorist Attacks 11/13/15

    I don't understand why France is being targeted so much. I do know there are a lot of Islamic people there, but that's not really indicative as to why France specifically is suffering so much. The attacks back in January was the latest before this tragedy. By my research, Islamic groups have targeted France since the 1980's. Why? What is France doing that other countries are not doing? I just don't understand the dynamics in which tragedy after tragedy happens in one specific developed nation, but not others.... That and I don't understand how the actual set up leading up to this tragedy went completely unnoticed. This isn't like the Boston Marathon Bombings where it was just two guys, with their backpacks concealed the bombs. The multiple attackers in France had assault weapons, bombs, and who knows what else to achieve their means. How did they go unnoticed considering France's strict gun laws?
  8. Treble Bolt

    General Long Nails or Short Nails?

    I keep my nails as short as possible, because it gets really annoying to have long nails....
  9. Treble Bolt


    i don't get candy on nightmare night. I get the discounted candy the next day!
  10. Treble Bolt

    What is your favourite chocolate snack?

    milk chocolate candy is the only thing i am not picky about. i will drink chocolate milk but NOT any synthetic kind. I don't like chocolate much of anything else because it's always too sweet, too rich, or fake tasting.
  11. Treble Bolt

    Would Hasbro try to make amends with the changelings?

    They were shot out of the show Team Rocket style....Due to their very nature as creatures, they should be reformed and doubt they will return (except for fan shoutouts like ep.100)
  12. Treble Bolt

    Gaming What games do you play?

    Pokemon....really only Pokemon..... and would be Minecraft (if my computer didn't lag like a sloth) (I do play other games, but the only the pokemon games do I get extremely excited about and play them nonstop for hours to days on end.)
  13. Treble Bolt

    Gaming Would You Buy A Retro Game Reminiscent of the Late 90s?

    I do not think it would be a downgrade in quality. The Legend of Zelda games for N64 have been reworked to be beautiful and up to date, perfect for a whole new generation as well as nostalgic fans. I think there is a great market for revamping series that are not near as well known as Zelda, and I would definitely partake (as long as Bubsy isn't touched; I loathed that game). I believe that developers are already jumping on the bandwagon, and with XBOX Live and PS Network and the 3DS, there are plenty of revamps and remakes already available, with more coming out all the time. As long as their is a market.... Personally I am primarily a Pokemon player. I only recently have opened my horizons into other games (I am not an elitist, I was only given Pokemon and did not have time to explore other games outside of awful and difficult PS and N64 games). The reason why I started to expand out is one day I was locked out of truck near a Game Stop for 3 hours (had to wait for my husband to get done with work), and played the demos in the store. I was enchanted with Windwaker HD, and owning a Game Cube, I went out to buy the Game Cube and realized through this experience what I have unintentionally been missing!
  14. Treble Bolt

    Mr. and Mrs couple ever

    The Cakes have been such a sweet and adorable couple since their first appearance in the show. Being a married woman myself, I actually hope that with time, my husband and I can communicate and understand each other the way the Cakes do. They obviously have been together a very long time. The fact their relationship is strong and resilient with stresses of their business AND the twins (as infants no less) makes them the ideal couple to work to be in my own relationship. Forgot to mention Pinkie Pie too! Being able to deal with her just makes them a god tier couple!
  15. Treble Bolt

    The issues with Cadence

    I do not remember anything from the comics about how Cadence became an alicorn (I own all of them to date). The story is in one of G.M. Berrow's books, Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell. That story basically takes place where Season 3 left off. The story Cadence gives about her past and becoming an alicorn is so forced (it's clique, and honestly compared to what Twilght has done well before becoming an alicorn is far more impressive and deserving of alicorn-hood in episode 2 of S1 than what Cadence did). And those books I consider less canon than the comics are (and the stories really mess with characters that can get fairly demeaning and insulting to someone who knows these characters from the show). This is something to be expected though, because they are made for elementary school readers, and because mostly girls under age 8 will be reading them (I read these books faster than I go through manga), the stories are more G3 in nature than G4 or the comics could ever be. It's not a bad thing, and the stories for what they are, are entertaining and enjoyable considering the intended audience (hence why I own all these to date as well). With all that said, I do not consider this story a part of Cadence's characterization. I agree with the OP, and adding the fact of the reveal in the latest episode, I fear we won't see much of her being better characterized in the future.