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  1. Haven't been to this account for a year. And now I can't help but to question why and how a 14 year old me could drink so much wine. srs

  2. Sigh, hangover.

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    2. Motion Spark

      Motion Spark

      if you had a great time while you were drinking the wine then the hangover was worth it C:

    3. Brohoofer


      I guess so, I guess so.

    4. Motion Spark

      Motion Spark

      now say thanks to the hangover c:

  3. Oooo, i found more wine. Time to drink!

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    2. Brohoofer


      im already drunk. good advice, i should stop while i still have some self control :)

    3. Friendship_Cannon


      just get some company :D

    4. Brohoofer


      ill try but its pretty late

  4. just drank the rest of that bottle, and i feel kinda drunk. And our house has stairs. Oh nooooooo D:

    1. Shiki
    2. Friendship_Cannon


      wine? being drunk by wine is not as bad as being drunk by anythign else... (not saying being drunk at all is good, just comparing)

  5. I'm just relaxing with some wine and playing portal. How are y'all doing this fine evening? :)

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    2. Brohoofer


      Well ProjectRKA, I really like white wine and there's no law here against drinking alcohol under the age of 16, only buying...

    3. Just some guy

      Just some guy

      @Brohoofer Yeah,it's charming lil' game,innit?I never had the chance to finish whole game myself,unfortunately.

    4. ProjectRKA
  6. Hello and welcome to the herd! People here are friendly and tolerating, so you should fit right in. And don't worry, wearing perfume is not gay. Where I come from, not wearing perfume is usually kinda weird. Anyway, as I said, you'll fit right in, and I hope you find lots of new friends.
  7. Hm, Skyrim or Portal...All these hard choices, maybe I should just sleep or watch MLP.

  8. I guess i may be bisexual, which is something I've never told anypony before. I am like 70-80% straight, 30-20% gay. It's not really a thing I think about a lot, I just like what I like and get turned on by what I get turned on by.
  9. Brohoofer

    Technology Do you recommend trying Ubuntu ?

    Definitely, but make sure it's 32 bit, or it's going to be hard to make programmes work. But games like TF2 is avaible (but only on 32 bit). I would reccommend having both Windows and Ubuntu on your computer.
  10. I enjoy MLP:FiM a lot, but if I had to chose between MLP and Doctor Who, I would probably chose Doctor Who, I'm sorry. They're just so very different, and Doctor Who is, of course, more adult, while it is still pretty suitable for kids. It introduces us top a whole new world, where almost everything is possible. The feels, the plot, it's all genius made, and I have a lot of Doctor Who merchandize. So I guess they can't be compared, and the best way for you to get your friends to accept you as a brony and possibly even like the show is to both wait, and then to ask them, to do you a f
  11. Brohoofer

    Well, this is me.

    Me too! I am excited to meet some new friends like you, who's nice. I've been on other websites, and I am a part of a lot of different communities, but non as friendly and mature as this one.
  12. Brohoofer

    Well, this is me.

    Thank you! I am pleased to hear there's at least another Dane here! Makes me feel less lonely
  13. Oh great! Now I'm sick! And on a weekend, how unlucky can I be?

    1. Flying Ace

      Flying Ace

      You could have no way to entertain yourself

    2. Brohoofer


      True. As long as I have the internet and television, I may be able to over come it.

    3. Flying Ace

      Flying Ace

      Yes internet fixes everything

  14. Brohoofer

    Well, this is me.

    Thank you both. I appreciate the kindness I've been shown by the people here and look forward to meeting new friends.
  15. Brohoofer

    Well, this is me.

    Thanks! *eats cupcake with great pleasure* I appreciate that you're all so friendly, it's a nice change from the rest of the internet.
  16. Brohoofer

    Well, this is me.

    Thank you! I found this avatar a while back, and I've been using it ever since.
  17. Personally, then yes, I would definitely date myself, but then on the other hand, it'd be super awkward. But I guess, going out with myself eating fancy dinner, and then just go back to my place and watch MLP with him/me, wouldn't be too bad. Besides, a female version of me would look stunning. And difference is what caused my last relationship to fail,so having someone to agree with me all the time, that'd be great.
  18. Hello! I'm kinda new here too, but the people here are really nice, I'm absoloutly sure that you will fit right in!
  19. Brohoofer

    Well, this is me.

    Egypt? I heard people from there are in general nice and friendly, and you're just confirming this. Thank you, I also hope I find some nice friends, as Pinkie Pie once said: "Oooh, I'm always trying to find friends"
  20. 7.510. I mean, not bad for a guy still in 8th grade, learning English. I haven't ever had trouble communicating with people before, and I speak English almost perfectly, and I have a neat English accent.
  21. That is quite possibly the best news I've heard all day. I really do not like all those "teen" or "swag" or "YOLO" pages, because Facebook is cancerous enough as it is.
  22. That looks awesome, I should totally get this for my phone. I actually haven't played much Pokémon since my little brother got a Gameboy Advance and needed someone to help him, so this'll be a great wayt to start again.
  23. Brohoofer

    Hey everypony!

    Hello, nice to meet you. I joined mlpforums yesterday, and as far as I can tell, people here are really nice, so I think you'll fit in perfectly.
  24. Brohoofer


    I'm scared of birds, I absoloutly hate them. Well, mostly parrots and other really big birds, like eagles, and hawks, and owls, though I have no problem with baby chicks, I am terryfied by male chicken the most, I can hardly breathe near 'em. EDIT: I have no idea how I could forget to write this, but I also have a social anxiety. I go to a special class because I can't function right with other people, but recently I've had to have German in a "normal" class, and it was bad. My heart was pumping, I got a headache, and my hands was shaking, but I think I succeeded in hding it well (By that,
  25. I used to use Google Chrome, but I don't really like the whole "Save your internet history on Google Servers", no matter how much Google try to convince me it's for my own good. now I use Firefox, occasionally Opera.
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