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  1. Completely revamped my PC gaming setup!

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    2. AngryUnicorn


      I currently have a Sapphire R9 270 for my GPU

    3. 1111


      great for gaming at 2k

    4. AngryUnicorn


      Lol. I literally just made the jump to 1080p. Thats all I'm worrying about right now.

  2. Back to rank ~80k in osu!

  3. AngryUnicorn

    Gaming What are You Playing?

    Currently, I'm trying to balance League of Legends, osu!, and ARK: Survival Evolved What games are you playing?
  4. AngryUnicorn

    Gaming Do you play OSU?

    I love this game! I've been playing for about a year, and I'm still terrible. If you want, you can add me --> zAngryUnicorn PS: If you would like to add me, just be sure to tell me first (so I can add you too)
  5. First time back in so long... I wonder if my friends here are even around anymore ;~;

  6. boop

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    2. Mars Orbit

      Mars Orbit

      Infinite boop

    3. AngryUnicorn


      my boops are forever. the fabric of the universe. you, me, and everything around you. boop.

    4. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      too many boops

  7. I'd like to see a Fluttershy or Rarity :3
  8. Wow! This came out a lot better than I expected. I like it Good job and nice craftsmanship
  9. Now that you've given me the idea, don't be surprised if you find this taped on your window O-O Just kidding muahaha XD ...But really though (oh and thanks for the compliment )
  10. Sometimes, I wish things were like old times. Old friends, old places, old personalities.

  11. Twilight Sparkle = super happy. Not sure why I was compelled to draw this, but it was a really fun draw. PS: Still trying to work on my hair drawing technique so I know it's not the best-looking I hope you enjoy her
  12. I learn something new every day it seems. And for me it's quite easy to draw ponies from memory. I have a secret pony stash on my computer where I have literally thousands of fan art in folders named after each character that I have saved art of ...I'm not crazy I just like art
  13. It was originally full, but I think I messed it up when adding highlights to her hair to differentiate her hair from her skin tone (her hair is lighter). Oh well, I'm still learning the whole drawing bit XD
  14. I'm on a drawing tangent this week : Now I throw Trixie at your computer screens because Trixie. I hope you like her
  15. I'm not sure why, but I've drawn further and further away from adding highlights in the eye (mixing a tad of realism with in-show MLP). But what I'm concerned about is... She has 3 IRISES?? I didn't even know. I just drew her from my memory haha. I'll be sure to remember that for the next time I draw Chrysalis though :3
  16. Hey all! It's been forever since I've done anything on this site. I missed the community though, so I'm coming back with a new drawing. I'm trying a new style of drawing and shading, so critique would be greatly appreciated ^-^ Here she is: I hope you like her :3
  17. Any fellow osu! players on here?

  18. It's been a long time...

  19. Really? I searched League of Legends hoping there was, but I couldn't find one. Thanks for the notice! I was Silver 1 during the preseason (so I got no banner or icon), but I'm currently unranked as of now due to the Season 4 soft reset. If you do decide to make an NA account (I hope it doesn't make you lag too hard ) be sure to tell me
  20. I've been playing the since September of 2013, and I wanted to find more active people to play with. The reason I'm asking here is because I'm also tired of toxic players (for those of you who don't know what "toxic" means in LoL terms, it's when a player is generally an arse). I'm on NA and my summoner name is zAngryUnicorn. If you do decide to add me, post a reply so I know it's you and not some random that I played with in a previous game XP
  21. AngryUnicorn

    Pinkie Pie Sketch

    It looks like a Ditto mixed with Pinkie. Woah.
  22. AngryUnicorn

    School doodles

    A bit of language makes us less fragile XP And Apple products'l do that to ya lol
  23. AngryUnicorn

    School doodles

    My favorites are the Octavia one and the last Pinkie Pie one. They're adorable
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