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Status Updates posted by Expired delta

  1. Whelp it was nice know you all, see you again somewhere I guess.

    1. SkullcandyPegasus


      nice to know you? o-o do you have a math final?


    2. Expired delta

      Expired delta

      Nah quitting the site lol

  2. Going to be deleting this acc at about 9:00 pm florida time today, if your interested in adding me somewhere els I'd recommend my twitter the I can tell you where els I am. Peace all & I hope you all enjoy your time on the forums & watching the show.

  3. Lol we meet again, happy bday

  4. Man it's been a while since I've been on here

  5. Happy early Xmas all, hope you have a great holiday

    1. RrVPfX9cPtw59FpC


      Thank you! And you as well ^_^

  6. Taco's, that is whats on my mind

    1. Kyoshi


      That does sound immensely good right now. *_*

  7. Haven't talked on here or watched a mlp episode in a while :/ been busy I guess

    1. SCS


      How's it been going?

    2. Expired delta

      Expired delta

      Meh just bust lately, so ok I goes

  8. Ugh I gotta get my car looked at tomorrow, guess il call it a night now then. night all

  9. Happy thanks giving everyone!!

  10. Bought the new batman game for my little bro yesterday. Looks pretty cool

  11. So I walked into Walmart today and I saw mlp stuff on the shelves and I'm like ( I hate this stuff it's nothing like the show ) I think the only mlp stuff I would ever buy would maybe be a vinyl derpy:/

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    2. Expired delta

      Expired delta

      Yah not only that when buying anything though you got to hold it all the way to the register and you know you will get those looks during that walk of shame up there. (Yah even if your a proud brony)

    3. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      That's why my advice to bronies is that to either buy them offline, or buy them and casually say it's for your little cousin. xD

    4. Expired delta

      Expired delta

      Yah you can say that but you know what there thinking even when your walking up there lol (online or don't do it though I agree)

  12. If you get bored you should watch this move (full metal jacket) great movie http://www.videobash.com/video_show/full-metal-jacket-full-movie-458423 here's a link to watch it and with that I'm going to sleep

  13. If you haven't watched it already here's the whole ( mlp equestria girls move ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2_O9xOtXOA

    1. Expired delta

      Expired delta

      And with that I'm off to dinner

    2. Sir.Flutter Hooves

      Sir.Flutter Hooves

      :D Well I'm gonna go watch it again for the 15th time. Thank you! :D
  14. I think I just died a little when I learned skylines are illegal in the us. WHY ARMERICA WHY YOU GOTTA CRUSH MY DREAMS OF OWNING A SKYLINE!! WHYYYYYY AMERICA WHYYYYYYHAHHAHYYYYY

  15. I've only walked,worked out and cooked dinner and the day is already gone :/

    1. Moon Rat

      Moon Rat

      I know that feeling except I don't have a job

      but the day still feels like it's running away from me :/

  16. Wake up in the morning and my first thought is (I'm tired)

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    2. That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      Saw my minecraft server and my first thought is (banhammer all the people)

    3. Diamond*
    4. That One Techpriest You Used To Know

    1. HeavyRain


      PRAISE THE SUN!!!!

  18. Yes very nice job on the front page banner. It looks really nice also I'm a sucker for rd stuff >.< pinkie pie is still best pony though.

    1. ~Lawful Jordo~

      ~Lawful Jordo~

      Nope, Dashie is best pony ^.^


      Thanks :3

  19. Thank all that said happy bday to me:)

    1. qqq


      Late happy birthday!

    2. Harmonic Revelations
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