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  1. My mom just thinks its funny but doesn't mind, I know my dad would despise my existence if he found out, and my friends just make fun of me constantly for it (they were especially doing so when they found my Fluttershy earbuds lol). There is someone who I know is a brony at my school that I want to talk to sete, but we're in different classes so I haven't been able to meet him. "Sete" is supposed to be "sometime." I hate my phone. And I also forgot that I have two good friends who don't go to my school who are the reason I became a brony in the first place lol (except they're even more knowledgeable about the show than me lol).
  2. I just tried out my Fluttershy earbuds I got at Hot Topic!

    1. Meirno


      I was thinking about picking some up, but I was concerned it was just for fans. How is the quality? Do they actually sound good? How do they feel? How are they made, cheaply or do they feel decent?

    2. MMPony


      Sorry for the late reply, Meirno. They're actually sounding pretty good for how inexpensive they were (12 bucks in the US). The only problems are the cushions are REALLY hard to replace and there's no L or R signs on the headphones (the picture of the cutie mark, I found out is left, and the pic of Fluttershy is right)

    3. MMPony


      I just got them because I'm going on a school trip to Florida soon and didn't want to take my (insanely expensive and I'm not rich at all so I can't afford to lose) Bose headphones, so I got this cheap pair at Hot Topic to serve that purpose and get made fun of more than I already do lol

  3. OMG YES I LOVE THE NOSTALGIA CRITIC NO SCRATCH THAT I WORSHIP HIM HE IS GOD OF THE INTERNET!!!1'qnqnqncjsiauziwkk I'm sorry, I was having a fanboy rage. But in all seriousness, I've been a fan of his for over a year now (not a long time I know but I watch probably a video of his every other day lol). I also really like Nostalgia Chick, Lupa, and some independent YouTube review shows like Musical Hell and Namio's Corner (and I also love JonTron lol). I also had this really bad review series of kids movies awhile back and I'm thinking of starting a good review series of brony material lol (has anyone done that yet?).
  4. I watched the pilot episode with my brother after finding out my friend was a brony and deciding to try the show, and I thought it was pretty good, and I was like a semi-brony I guess you could call it (but I still pretended I hated it and/or told NOPONY EVER). Then I watched Too Many Pinkie Pies awhile later and caught myself laughing hysterically, and I finally admitted to myself, "oh God, I'm officially a brony now." I've been on the forum since just a bit before watching Too Many Pinkie Pies, and sadly, until recently, I watched very few episodes since then (*le gasps) BUT WAIT; I've lately been watching at least one or two episodes every night this past weekend and am now officially making it a tradition. My dad hates bronies so I may still kinda be a "closet brony" though except to some of my friends and my mom who found out on her own....
  5. I'm not even a cupcake yet, and I'm not a very avid poster on any forum I'm a member of for whatever reason, so... I'd have to say I'm probably a 1-2/10
  6. So just now, my brain decides to go all "HEY BRO REMEMBER THAT CREEPYPASTA YOU READ TODAY?!" Keep in mind, it's like midnight where I am. And after an image of Jeff The Killer is nice and planted in my brain (I didn't even read that one...) THE POWER GOES OUT!!!! And then I hear a loud banging noise. Right when I'm about to literally SCREAM, the power comes back on. Well, no sleep for me. I'm just gonna watch ponies FOREVER and never read another cr...

    1. MMPony


      It cut out. It said ill never read creepypasta ever again

  7. Yay! I feel mean for saying this but I kinda wanted to see if there were any seculars in the community when I saw the Christian Bronies thread. Anyway, I'm not religious, and I'm kinda atheist, but I believe there is something bigger than humans in the universe. This belief gets some religious people at school telling me to go to Hell and some hardcore atheists also at school telling me I'm delusional. Maybe somepony here will agree with me, though? Lol As for religion, I have nothing against religious people but kinda disagree with a lot of organized religion personally. My family and I were devout Catholics and I was pretty much brainwashed into it as a kid LOL. I was very devout, even though we didn't go to church every week, to make sure I "got into Heaven" but I started going to youth groups and whatnot. The result was me becoming very bigoted, homophobic, and even telling people I know who are gay, not religious, etc. that they'd go to hell if they didn't "repent." My family saw what they were teaching the kids at youth group, I realized I was beginning to have a seething hatred for half of my friends and had to stop, and we eventually became "fallen" Catholics. :-P
  8. I don't really think that being a brony would affect religion, despite the (troll) Christian site awhile back that talked about My Little Pony being satanic and evil lol. I'm not a very good example of my opinion though, because I'm kinda agnostic, but not really sure about a higher power's existence. But I know people who like the show who are pretty devoutly religious, and there are people on this forum who I can see that they are as well. I think people are non-believers in our society in general. The rate of people in America admitting to a lack of belief is growing quite rapidly. Whether this is a positive or negative element, only time will tell, but I digress. I am open and accepting of religion and people's beliefs, even if I don't have them. After all, the good old brony slogan is "Love and tolerate." Oh sweet Celestia this was deep AND cheesy, I'm going to go kill my brain cells with some A Dose of Buckley videos and also Skrillex being played full blast through a pair of Bose now...
  9. Stupid school... Getting in the way of me being on the forum. GEOMETRY ISN'T AS IMPORTANT AS PONIES (did I seriously just say that)!!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MMPony


      Yes, you're right Fluttershyfan94, quite right!

    3. Harmonic Revelations
    4. MMPony


      Do I have to give a "Yes, you're right..." to everypony who replies?


      Yes, you're right Harmonic Revelations, quite right!

  10. Like everypony else is saying, they are completely different. It really depends on my mood and what I feel like listening to when it comes to which one i prefer to listen to. I guess Skrillex's music is more "exciting" in my opinion, it's very high energy compared to Deadmau5.
  11. Ok I have a confession to make about electronic music: I actually like Skrillex's music. I'm sorry for failing all you kind ponies... I do like a lot of other electronic music producers and styles though. I'm not a 10 year old who heard Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and then claims to be an EDM expert. And also, here's a track for everypony.
  12. >Wake up >Get dressed >Pack school lunch (the "food" they serve there isn't that great IMO) >Eat Breakfast >Brush teeth, comb hair, etc. >Go on the Internet if I have any spare time >Reluctantly go to school >Do well in my classes but secretly wish I could destroy the school building from its very foundation >Go home after school >Do homework if I have any (reluctantly) >Internet >Internet >MOAR Internet >Eat dinner >Have SOME social interaction with family >Internet >Internet >Realize my life is a sham because all I do is go on MLPForums and Memebase and listen to heavy metal >Sob loudly into my pillow until I fall asleep (okay the last two may be slightly fabricated)
  13. I actually did see Grouplove on a school night... Yeah the next day SUCKED! The concert was fun though, and I have pics of the tickets lol. It was at the Newport since I live in Columbus Ohio. Wait, I forgot you shouldn't upload pics directly... Ill get a photobucket soon.
  14. So I've played guitar and saxophone for awhile, and I have a small amount of experience with helping my friend produce music, and I've been wanting to make some "brony" music and remixes of songs from the show and whatnot. However, I'm new to music production, and I only have GarageBand... I am aware that using GarageBand is one of the seven deadly sins of music production, I've been saving up to buy Fruity Loops (I don't have $1000 for Ableton), but I may try GarageBand first to see if I enjoy doing this before I buy a new software. If there's anyone here who has experience with music production and remixing, what advice do you have? Should I work with GarageBand first or should I go straight to buying a more advanced software like Fruity Loops? As for the type of brony music, it would mainly be electronica, but I don't really want to try to only do "dubstep" or "house" or any one subgenre.
  15. Sadly, I haven't been to many... But here's what I have seen: Keane Grouplove Plain White T's (well, I used to like them) Sadly that's about it. I almost got a chance to see both Crystal Castles and Skrillex on separate occasions, but they were on "school nights" so my parents didn't let me (obviously that's a reasonable decision, I'm just sad that I couldn't lol)