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  1. I would agree becasue it would get in the way of flying, but I thought i would go for a long mane this time.... I see why you added those extra anyone's....to get 100 char lol
  2. Hi guys, another art piece here, agian my scanner kinda sucks so it looks a bit less polished then I would like. Hope you Enjoy it
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to post a first draft on a Princess Luna Sketch I'm working on. Any suggestions as to what I should change before making a color one? I think her ear may be a bit on the big side, and the tail needs to go in between the moon and her hoof, instead of behind both. Anyway, thanks for the views and suggestions.
  4. Hey guys, new to Mlp forums, came over to see if you like my work cuz deviantart people don't seem to comment as much. Who's exited for the release of the fanmade episode? I think its awesome especially since this fandom is going to need some people to continue the show after Lauren leaves(hopefully not for a while, but best be prepared right?) Ps. DASH IS BEST PONY
  5. Just did a drawing of Rainbow for valentines day, though it seems a little late. I think the Wink makes up for it So what do you guys think? I tried to scan in highest quality, but gotta a cheaper one. Thanks for viewing.
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