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  1. not like it really matters but I thought itd be cool to share it. First vid, new channel

  2. Just got back from buck and it was crazy, It was awesome and its great to see so many other people, wish i could have stayed longer but that autograph from Michelle Creber was all I needed ^^... (not "all", but it was still awesome)
  3. Wreck-It Ralph <3

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    2. MrSweggins


      ugly bad... okay ill stop now im tired *casts sleep spell on self*

    3. MrSweggins
    4. hariyaMakusu2
  4. Buttons mom is becoming a R34 beacon...

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    2. Kyoshi


      Another piece of hivemind ammo perhaps?

    3. MrSweggins


      Tbh most people know about it, its just probably one of the only outtakes on a character that crosses over to r34 land that i dont mind, i just laughed :3

    4. Dog man

      Dog man

      Whats R34 Beacon? Oh wait... Nevermind...

  5. Hay there, I've just read the first 30 entries, and I think its awesome, I can see how difficult it would be trying to write as a young filly and that's clearly portrayed in your writing, yet it kept me interested which is rare ^^ Despite having to limit your vocabulary given the age of Scootaloo, I genuinely felt sad at times and actually felt connected to her feelings. But seriously dude, awesome job, ill be reading the rest later ^^ /)
  6. Im feeling really anti-productive... kinda sad really...

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    2. Dog man

      Dog man

      It aint that bad, People Should Be able to change their Username anyways , That'd be cool. I joined In 1.6 Beta I think

    3. MrSweggins


      your right, you should be able, btw i just got the sudden urge to farm the unkempt harold in borderlands 2, so cya ^^, and ill mc with you sometime :D

    4. Dog man

      Dog man

      Yeah Sure! I'll have to go soon anyways, Cya!

  7. Yeah, its my first convention too, but theres loads of stuff going on, and HarmonySpark, im going to be wearing my Vinyl Scratch t shirt so we'll match :3 Is there anyway ill know its you xD? ^^
  8. Just got tickets for BUCK 2013 in Manchester for me and a mate, really pumped for it (24th-25th), just wondering if anyone else (if anypony) from the UK is going, itd be awesome to see some people from the forums... Unfortunately, Im not going to the Summer Sun Celebration on the night, sadface.
  9. Thanks, and I set them all to a 72 resolution at 1920x1080, but I dont know what the dimensions are for larger monitors than that sorry, and plus, they would all be morphed out of shape if i tried to apply it to a larger one. sorry .
  10. I dont really miss my xbox too much, whenever I do I just remind myself that pc is far better in pretty much every aspect, and you have to message me when you get your internets back for good ^^
  11. Thanks, glad you like them, and yeah.... huge pain, you just feel powerless, and good luck for the next two week, your gunna need it
  12. Im usually one of those OCD people who need to get things perfect but im too tired so I didnt really focus on perfection, now this abysmal piece if work is in my name... but thank you for the extremely generous 7
  13. Here is them all put into one but I dont think its looks that great personally as they really... really dont fit together well.
  14. I know its a bit awkward sorry about that, I can send the actual files to you in a message (I think), but for future, you can take any part of a screen and save an image using this, I can tell you its very useful Thanks you ^^ and Thanks you too ^^