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  1. Quibble might be my favorite guest character in the show. This episode was absolutely hilarious, and definitely knows what it's talking about. I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a baby, and controversially, I actually like Phantom Menace. I have had this very same argument on that subject that Rainbow Dash had with Quibble. I loved Patton Oswalt's performance, the dialogue, and all the little quips and touches that really make this a great parody not only of Indiana Jones, but fan arguments in general. I think it's my new favorite episode.
  2. Mand'alor Dash

    Movies/TV New Ghostbusters Movie

    As promised, a full review:
  3. Mand'alor Dash

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Robyn's really stepping her game up. Her latest cover is just as good as some of Scott's best work.
  4. Mand'alor Dash

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    A couple classics by Vera Lynn: I'm not even British, but I've been stricken with unaccountable Anglophilia today.
  5. As they were 102 years ago, and 25 after that, tomorrow all eyes rest on Britain. Give 'em hell.

    1. Varrack


      I made a thread for it

  6. Democracy is a flawed, imperfect system that's ripe for abuse; but I'll be damned if there's anything better. Here's hoping Britons remember this tomorrow. Go Brexit.

    1. Vox


      The decision's already here?

    2. Mand'alor Dash

      Mand'alor Dash

      Yup. Tomorrow, Britain either declares its independence, or submits to unelected dictators.

    3. Vox


      Oooh,boy, hope they break off.

  7. Where's that chap who always brought up the Conversion Bureau in threads like these? This seems right up his alley.
  8. 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. I have a pretty wide range of tastes. Not a fan of the 90s, or anything past that.
  9. Even though there are other princesses, I believe it's safe to say that Celestia holds more power than all others. Luna was an exiled traitor who only recently returned after 1000 years imprisonment, Cadence is more of a governor focusing exclusively on the Crystal Empire, and Twilight just... does shit. We have been given no indication of Equestria having a congress, or parliament, or any other legislative body besides the monarch. Voting probably comes into play on the local level (hence why Ponyville has a mayor), but being Supreme Princess is clearly an appointment for life. Econom
  10. 666 posts. >:)

    1. Twiggy


      Damn. Should have used my devil trips to declare the Trumpenreich. :P

  11. If there is even an insinuation of a rumor of a possibility of a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order, I want it.

  12. Just checked, and I can confirm I still like boobs. How do we file this one?
  13. Well, that was JonTron's funniest video yet.

  14. Today I learned that Canterlot has an indo-gypslavic community.

    1. DND


      "slavic" in what sense?

    2. Mand'alor Dash

      Mand'alor Dash

      Eastern European.

    3. DND


      ah, alright- you were referring to languages.


      I found the representation in this episode quite fantastic.

  15. Making Waves is increasing...

  16. Do we get these points if they've simply lost their memory? If not, I scored 9. If so, 13.
  17. But for the concept of morality to have validity, two polar opposing actions can not both be valid and moral. This is why I contend that the issue lie in the hands of biology. There is no "biological relativism" or nonsense like that to muddy the issue. Simply put: Subjective morality defeats itself, and objective morality leads to atrocity (as is the case with honor killings) Let me explain it like this: You believe them to be immoral. They believe you to be immoral. These premises can't simply be argued against one another. They rely on moral ideals that exist only in
  18. The entire post was written as a stream-of-consciousness, which is why it reads more like a rant than a scientific journal. One major point of this that I possibly didn't do very well in elaborating was my view that morality is a disguise. Complex issues, requiring an incredible amount of logic and evidence to debate effectively, are effectively reduced to soundbites and buzzwords because it's easier to build an echo chamber. Morality is built inside of these echo chambers, and screamed at max volume whenever people don't want to argue like adults. Pointless buzzwords that serve no log
  19. I agree that pessimism and realism are not one and the same. Saying the sun is going to explode tomorrow is certainly pessimistic, but you'd have a hard time finding an astronomer who can back that claim up. There are delusional morons on any side. What they have in common is that most of them (not all) love to stand atop a high moral horse and preach about how their way is the only way to see the world. Others use their "morality" to justify actions that are beyond despicable, since no train of logic or rationality would have ever led there. Seeing too many of those people in the world is
  20. This is something I have considered. Logically, I consider it a dead end. Obviously, no good came from mass loss of human life from events such as the Holocaust or the Great Leap Forward; so rather than chase my tail into nihilistic oblivion, it's simpler to just say that the average human being, until proven otherwise, is of more use to the world with his heart beating than without. I don't consider it a moral because it's not an absolute. Osama Bin Laden and Che Guevara are of more service to the world as corpses, but they are far from the average human being. In other words, I'm a c
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