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  1. does anyone know any good weapon names for tf2

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      I wouldn't know what to name it :P


      It should be by you, to make it unique.

    3. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      It will come to you!

    4. Supersandslash


      That's the problem I can't think of anything

  2. well I don't have any bronies in pod of 7th graders (that I know of) but my friend introduced me to 2 pegasisters they were nice but my friend were kinda on the the what's wrong with side of things for awhile but now they're pretty ok with it and some of the kids at my school are some of the ignorant people i've ever seen.
  3. my friend watched he didn't like it i'm fine with that though

  4. well...hi welcome how are you i'm good also I hope you have fun on the forums
  5. I listened to it several times and i'm still not sure if its dick or dip cord but i'm more on the side of dip because it is a children's show after all
  6. well im almost done with season 3 yay

  7. well I have winter wrap up stuck in my head i kinda like it

  8. a t-shirt some jeans and a hoodie and a lot of the time my brony hat. but in the summer I dont wear a hoodie. and on Fridays i wear a red shirt its a school thing
  9. yeah that's pretty much the rule of thumb. But this was more something to read than advice but this is how I deal with haters. filler
  10. Well I know the most often answer is ignore them. Well me that's not how I am I can't walk away form something like that for a iffy reason well I'm one of those people if they have something nasty said to them they have to reply that's just how I am now I do this with grace by putting them down by 1.Being condescending. ex. person:you should stop watching MLP because it for little girls. I demand it! Me: oh you demand me yes your highness. This is SOMETIMES a good method. My second way is to use a phase like if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. This works 95% of the time for me but if all else fails don't be afraid to stand your I don't recommend this but it mostly comes down to how you feel about the argument. A footnote:this is what I do you don't have to follow me on these matters. But I hope you were at leased interested.
  11. Today was the the longest school day ever :( but i'm home now

  12. @ phoenix that's also where I heard of it but that's not why I watched the show my reaction was boomstick's THIS IS A PONY A LITTLE GIRLS TOY but than i went back and watched it again and then my reaction was YAY GO DASH!
  13. cant wait for season 4 but I have to finish season 2 and 3 first but that shouldn't be long random filler random filler sorry about that