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    Love is just a glitch in the human electrical circut
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    Um... I'm kinda a jack of all trades master of none so I do'nt really have an interest

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  1. Going into finals week for this semester of college... Someone please save me, I think I'm really gunna need that after all this studying.

    1. Misscellanio


      Same here. Finally it’s almost time for winter break! Now I could start being productive again.

  2. Video

    I really liked it, overall it was quite well done. Going into the future if you keep doing this you should definitely look into music sinking and changing the size of the image. Other than that you have the basics all down pat. Really well done!
  3. So I have excessively wide shoulders from my dad. Were talking professional footballer shoulders. However the rest of my body is super feminine and tiny. So my shoulders look weird and make picking out clothing annoying.

  4. Whoever invented the 3 hour 8 am pab should just have never existed. I really just enjoy waking up at 7:20am and sitting for 4h doing nothing

  5. College right now is causing me to have a mental breakdown...

    1. ShadOBabe


      I know THAT feeling. College was AWFUL when I was there. Actually college itself wasn’t tha bad, but the drama I had from the people I was forced to live with made it suck.

      Definitely take advantage of your school psychiatrists.

  6. Since I have been offline I wanted to thank all the people who wished me happy birthday on Saturday!

  7. In animal crossing new leaf you get a chocolate from isabelle on valentines day. Yet you still can't date the characters yet. T.T


    please don't take me too seriously...

  8. I finally drew some stuff on my whiteboard for my dorm room so I'm posting it here because i am a sucker for attention ;320171126_155545.thumb.jpg.b3ea676620a784b5b32ba73660c1efda.jpg

    1. child of the night

      child of the night

      A little info on the text: my dorm wouldn't let us in until 2 but i was dropped off around 11:30 so i couldnt go anywhere and just had to sit there.

  9. I love when people find something out about me that is embarrassing. Then they try to use it to blackmail me and I'm like "do you think I care that much?" One time a person who didn't like me too much learned that I"m kinda bi-sexual and he was trying to blackmail me. He was going on and on so I kissed him and took a picture during it before just flat out telling my friends I was bi within earshot of them. Like really, he was just too easy to mess with...

    1. child of the night

      child of the night

      I just wanted to clarify that this was a couple years ago. On my profile it says I'm female and that's because I went through gender re-assignment therapy.

  10. After 100% completing both Mario kart 8 deluxe and super Mario odyssey. I have turned my eyes to breath of the wild where I just hit 300 korok seeds and full completion on everything else. These darn korok seeds, why do they have to make up 72% of the 100% meter...

  11. Can someone please help me... I can't figure out what the hairstyle this girl has is called: MR-24951-517388-42.jpg

    1. child of the night

      child of the night

      Like where the back is tied up and the front is just sort of free.

  12. I'm having a movie night later, what movie should I pick though?

  13. My physical health has degraded so irregularly that my kinesiology professor is used me to teach her major students. I get to go on tuesday where they are going to examine my fitness level and perscribe a plan...