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  1. Look I don't have anything against the LGBT+ community, I'm trans so why would I. Howver I can't stand the people who make a big show about it.

    1. FlootahBabby


      Yeah. Being gay or whatever shouldn't have to be 90% of what you talk about. If you want normalize it stop making a big deal about it or expect others to.

    2. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      Being trans and polysexual myself, I agree with that. The fact it matters to some people so much makes me question if they're actually LGBT or they're being homophobes.

  2. I made a response to a post and I checked the persons profile before saying they were male and they still responded "did you just assume my gender" -.-

    1. JU88snow


      Did you mention to them that their profile indicated they were male?
      My best guess is they were just trolling you.

  3. I"m really just looking for character descriptions, it is the one thing that I can't do when writing a story and thus I normally get another friend to help me with it. However due to college none of my friends are available so I am asking for help from people online.
  4. Sorry, your a guy and I"m a lesbian so I can't get married to you ;3
  5. Hey Mlp forums sorry to bother you with this but I'm kinda bad with names and such. Right now I am writing another book because I got an idea that I really like so I am going to ask you all for help in the area where I am somewhat lacking. As I said in the title I am in need of some character descriptions for the story I am writing because I have kinda run out. Normally I would use one of my classmates as a base but I have used them a bit too much so I'm coming for some help. If you have some time I would be greatly appreciative if you would post a character outline that I could use for my story. Guess I should probably explain what the stories base is... Basically its placed in an uper-class school where there are a large amount of clubs and other items of importance. Basically I need characters that are highschool-college level age and are either in a specific club with that interest or a character that isn't in a club. Thanks for even considering helping me... I don't know how to end this post so when in doubt end it mid wor
  6. I need names for my book, I need 5 girls names and 2 boys names... pls help

    1. princessmaddie


      hi and how about lily the dragon

    2. child of the night

      child of the night

      No no no, they are all humans, it takes place in a school, so no like usernames, I'm talking actual names

    3. princessmaddie


      hmmm how about my real name madison lemin 

  7. Question: as a girl how should I ask my friend to go out with me? (they are also a girl)

    1. BronyNumber42


      Go out like go do something? Just ask.

    2. Randimaxis


      Be honest. Be upfront. Be yourself.

      Don't be disappointed if you fail; at least you'll have tried, and you'll know.

      Fresh breath helps. ;)

  8. I vant talk normally and my friend cant text normally so we basicallu cant talk

    1. Randimaxis


      Then listen to music together; no need to talk.

  9. Adventurous
  10. I hate it how everyone i know makes plans after i invite them to something. So in the end i have never gone out and "hung out" with anyone i know

  11. My flat chest is so bothersome, it certainly doesn't help my figure...

  12. My friend (who I ship with another friend) just said that they shut down my ship bcus they said it wasn't true. HAHAHA as if they could stop any ship that easily

  13. If anybody knows where this image comes from pls inform me:

  14. My teacher is like "you have to get this signed before we can read the book." However when you look at the paper it actually states that signing this means you can't read the available book and you must read something else.

    1. CuriUndersXeno


      Bring it up with a superintendent or principle or something.

    2. CuriUndersXeno


      Or just ask the teacher so you don't accidentally overreact I guess, and ask other students about it too.

  15. "The virgin like you can sweet talk a chess piece, surely you can find a way around this" -my new favorite quote