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  1. This is a really basic comment... I have a whiteboard on the door for my dorm room at my college. Currently its blank and since my roomate doesn't care i have full control on what goes on it. So does anyone have any suggestions on what shall go on my whiteboard?
  2. I wanna take a bath...... like a real bath that i can fully submerge myself in. I havent taken a good fully submergable bath in like 14 years and i wanna take one......... oi dont look at me that way im only 17 so i took ine when i was 3. Im not old.

  3. I was just alerted to how much I don't learn by abstaining from the news. Lets just say that I just learned about the Las Vegas Incident...

    1. Varrack


      wow really? That was a pretty big thing...

    2. Kyoshi


      Can't say I blame you though, considering most of the news these days is a showcase of the disaster of modern politics.

  4. Ahh, my college has pushed me to get back into my hobbies of rock climbing and wood carving!

  5. Don't look at me so weird... It's not cross-dressing, it's escaping from reality.

  6. I always find it so entertaining to scroll down and look at the list of online people. Then count how many people joined after me but have more posts. (I don't really post that often since my 3 favorite role plays died down.

    1. meme


      Well you have almost double my posts and I joined less than a year before you lol

    2. child of the night

      child of the night

      You joined in December of 2013 and I joined in February of 2013. If my knowledge of the calendar is correct I joined almost a year before you -.-

    3. meme


      That's what I meant lol

  7. Ugh, why is it that my favorite pass time is writing stories which have magic as part of them. Like sure it makes the story fun but it also makes the story hard to deal with while writing it. You don't want to power creep but you still have to make the main character have their own problems yknow. It's just dang hard... 

  8. Whats your favorite pass time? mine is reading stories that make me feel bad about being trans because they have easier transitions than me.

  9. That awkward moment when you have a not necessarily SFW question and nowhere you can necessarily ask it...

  10. Gaming

    Yknow, I just really love the startup screen for any of the valve games because they just ducking hurt your ears and leave you bleeding but like in a good way...
  11. I'm bored... someone be my girlfriend so i can laugh at my otger friends when they try to insult me for being lesbian

  12. I want a game like log horizon or overlord to come out where i could be part of a guild that actually felt like a family

  13. I think it's about time I began to unwind and forgive my past, I posted a small rant on my about me that quickly covers some of my thoughts, if you have any questions feel free to dm me.

  14. Remember people, liking traps still makes you gay! (and there is nothing wrong with that)

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    2. Spartan


      @MissklangSome that i've known act like vegans in that respect.


    3. Missklang


      @Spartan I guess it depends on the people at the end of the day, some may act like that, others don't. I know a bunch and they don't shout about it everywhere, but I also know some that do, so I can't judge on that xd

    4. child of the night

      child of the night

      Clearly I missed something...

  15. Welp, so I started college freshman year and that has been super hectic so far. My school has a class system which separates how hard the class is by grade where freshman difficulty classes are 1## like HIST130 which is my history and junior are 3##. So like all of my classes are 1## because I am a freshman but I was talking with my adviser and they were like "hey take this class since you have that time slot open." That class they were saying was ENGL 371 which is an advanced junior class... so not only am I in an advanced junior class as a freshman but I also now have 5 classes in my MWF time slots... someone end me now pls.