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    Love is just a glitch in the human electrical circut
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    Um... I'm kinda a jack of all trades master of none so I do'nt really have an interest

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  1. does anyone have any good movies suggestions? I want one to just put on and kinda watch while I chill

    1. Snow


      What kind of genres do you like?

    2. child of the night

      child of the night

      I kinda like more action/fantasy genre, basically anything that strays far away from horror or documentary

    3. Snow


      Horror documentaries hu? hmm, tough one, I'll see what I can find for ya. :orly:

      Heh heh, only joking, perhaps some examples of movies you have already seen and enjoyed so I know what kind of stuff you prefer?

  2. Can someone with glasses tell me why people don't memorize their prescription?

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      What does that mean? :)

  3. my friend has text to speech in his donations, what message should I send him????

  4. friend of mine is doing a 24 hours livestream:

  5. I"m having a sudo panic attack because I"m absolutely terrified of wasps and there is a swarm around my house

    1. Kyoshi


      Yikes. X_X

    2. Wingnut


      Uh oh! Do they have a nest in the area? 

  6. Does anyone know how to break a bad habit? I can't stop my fingers from re-opening wounds...

    1. Snow


      Is it an unconscious habit by any chance?

      That was a silly way for me to word the question, are you aware that you are doing it when you do it or only afterwards do you realise?

    2. Coffee


      Have you tried placing band-aids or tape around closed wounds so you don't get tempted?

  7. I guess I am a vampire, because I don't like the sunlight, have abnormal strength, and legitimately like the taste of blood ;3 jk jk (all those points are tru tho -.-)

  8. Is it bad if i can't taste the iron in my blood?

    1. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      If you are tasting blood, I think there is a more pressing issue at hand.

    2. child of the night

      child of the night

      So like, im clumsy so i get hurt ALOT and so i lick my wounds more than i should...

    3. A.V.


      You may want to Neosporin that s***, not lick it.

  9. When my primary feelings thought a day is anxiety ad anger I know that my night isn't going to be very nice...

  10. Oh my god does my school suck, is there like a specific spot on the forums where I can just rant about it because man do I have a lot to say about that H%#l hole

    1. Snow


      Life advice is a good place for it I believe, give your topic the "vent" prefix and let out all of your frustrations. :)

  11. I've been falling away from the forums slightly so my question is how do you stay invigorated to actively participate on the forums?
  12. I'm not sure why I still come onto the forums because it's not like I do anything on here I just sort of hang out...

    1. FlootahBabby


      yeah same.

    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Nothing lasts forever am afraid.

  13. The main problem for me on this forum is that I am normally on at night so most people don't see or interact with me when I am on.

  14. I'm not sure if it's worse to get your heart broken or not being able to have it break...

  15. I was in class and we are doing a project and both my group mates are older than me but since we have known each other the age gap doesn't exist. So we were planning a fake trip and we had to get tickets and one of us (the tallest) said that we needed 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket. The other group member (oldest but the shortest) was like come on man because he thought we were teasing him about his height (which we do a lot.) Then I came in and commented that I'm only 17 and he took a few moments to realize that I was the child ticket. Me and the tall friend were dying on the floor laughing because of how he had responded.