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  1. Haven't been on this website for a good year now and even though I'm not really part of this community anymore I am quite glad the site still exists and looks to be thriving.

  2. Oh a new design for the webpage, interesting.

  3. Nothing shows a history of nonsense as joking around with your friends and one of my moments shined a bit more than anything else. Around halfway through my time in boy-scouts (yes I am a girl, yes I was in boy-scouts, don't ask.) I went on a camping trip with some of my fellow members. We ended up deciding on a high altitude snow camping backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountains. The start of the trip was rather normal and it went about as simple as one could hope with a normal trip. We all had our own bags and me being the shortest person in the group, only about 4' 5" at the time, so some of the other peoples bags were taller than me which was quite weird. We quickly got on our hike where our objective was to go around the mountain which as a bit of a hike but we were all ready. So we all began to get on our way and the walking began like normal. To spare you the boring parts that walking entails (we just played word games and stuff) we eventually made it to our halfway point 3 days in and set up camp. At the camp site we were a bit too high up in the mountains and we ended up a bit oxygen deprived. We set up a campfire and since we were planning on waking up a bit later the next day and pushing our speed to test ourselves. We sat around and told stories, after a while one of my friends named Alex told a joke. "What's the difference between a piano and a jellyfish?" "You can't strum a guitar." ... ... ... Yeah, that was it, kinda a bit of a letdown thanks to all of that buildup huh but thanks to it we were all dying of laughter. None of us could stop laughing even though the joke made absolutely no sense afterwards. For most of the rest of the hike we couldn't stop thinking about it and it ended up becoming a solid inside joke with our troop. That's just one of my weird stories from my old story, hope you'll join me for the next one!
  4. Going into finals week for this semester of college... Someone please save me, I think I'm really gunna need that after all this studying.

    1. Miss


      Same here. Finally it’s almost time for winter break! Now I could start being productive again.

  5. I really liked it, overall it was quite well done. Going into the future if you keep doing this you should definitely look into music sinking and changing the size of the image. Other than that you have the basics all down pat. Really well done!
  6. So I have excessively wide shoulders from my dad. Were talking professional footballer shoulders. However the rest of my body is super feminine and tiny. So my shoulders look weird and make picking out clothing annoying.

  7. Whoever invented the 3 hour 8 am pab should just have never existed. I really just enjoy waking up at 7:20am and sitting for 4h doing nothing

  8. College right now is causing me to have a mental breakdown...

    1. ShadOBabe


      I know THAT feeling. College was AWFUL when I was there. Actually college itself wasn’t tha bad, but the drama I had from the people I was forced to live with made it suck.

      Definitely take advantage of your school psychiatrists.

  9. Since I have been offline I wanted to thank all the people who wished me happy birthday on Saturday!

  10. In animal crossing new leaf you get a chocolate from isabelle on valentines day. Yet you still can't date the characters yet. T.T


    please don't take me too seriously...