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  1. It's a completely legit toy just hitting the shelves. And I'm glad that Hasbro is making special edition ponies. Show accuracy is great and all, but releasing the same toy over and over again gets boring fast.
  2. Just registered on IDW's forums. But they don't allow pictures in your signature, and you have to reply to their confirmatin e-mail and wait for an admin to manually activate your account. It's like I fell into a portal to 1999 or something.

  3. Well, since I've read all of the mane 6 micros now, why not rank them? 1. Rarity. No contest here, Cook's story was hilarious, and Price's artwork is godly. 2. Pinkie Pie. A surprisingly sweet story with a great moral. 3. Twilight Sparkle. The art was kinda bad, but the story was very cute. 4. Applejack. The art was great, but the story was the same damn thing we get every time Applejack is in the spotlight. Would it seriously kill the writers to give her a story that doesn't involve fucking apples? 5. Fluttershy. A boring story and bad artwork. 6. Rainbow Dash. The writer said he googled what was popular about her, and then watched a few Dash-centric episodes (I'm guessing MMDW was one of them) to get try to write her. He then jammed references into the comic carelessly and expected a good result. Also, I don't understand how Fleecs can make such godly covers, yet does so poorly when he draws an issue. Hopefully he continues to practice and overcome his limitations.
  4. Let's get the three kind of unpopular ones out of the way: -Hate MMC -Hate Twilicorn -Hate EqG And a couple that are actually unpopular: -The main comic series needs to split with show continuity -IF they do that, it will probably be better than the show
  5. We'll just have to agree to disagree then. Aside from the issues I described in my previous post, I've been loving the main series. The next four issues are going to be two mini-arcs focused on Big Mac and Shining Armor and Cadance, respectively, with a more slice of life approach than the first two arcs. I'm sure you'll enjoy those. Applejack's micro is supposed to be the next comic they release, and the series editor is the one writing it. After it drops, I'm sure you'll hear plenty about it.
  6. Link is my favorite character overall, but I also loved using Mewtwo in Melee and Sonic in Brawl. I never played the original SSB, so I can't say who I'd like in it.
  7. I have to disagree with you two. I started watching the show expecting it to be more adventure orientated than it is. And while I still love most of it, I'm glad that most of the main comic series went with more of an adventurous route than the show. The main problem with the main series so far is that the last issues of each arc are too rushed. Chrysalis' arc needed a few more pages, but Nightmare Rarity needed at least another issue, two more and it would have been perfect. The Micro Series is the one I find weaker. Rarity's and Pinkie's are great, Twilight's is cute in spite of the bad artwork, Fluttershy's is kinda weak, and Rainbow's is just plain horrible.
  8. Finally got around to posting a review on my blog. But instead of the comics, I decided to go with EqG first.

  9. If you've seen my posts about EqG, you'll know I haven't been very enthusiastic about it. At first, the idea was so bad I couldn't stop laughing about. Then the designs were released, and I was in stitches! As time went by though, EqG stopped seeming so hilariously terrible and settled for just seeming terrible. I decided that I was just going to ignore it, but a friend of mine who saw it on YouTube wouldn't stop talking about how great it was, and I decided to watch it. And frankly? If he weren't just a friend on the internet, I'd probably break his nose. But enough of the background and threats of violence, let's move on to the review, shall we? I'll try to keep it light on the spoilers, but there really isn't much to spoil. As usual, the voice work is great. The animation seems to be pretty good in Equestria, but that goes down the drain in the human world. The plot is mediocre at its best moments, and those are over once Twilight and Spike go through the mirror into the human world. A lot of people said that this avoided high school drama clichés. I can’t help but wonder if we were watching the same movie. Popular girl is a bully, main character is an outcast who becomes popular, love interest is a generic dreamboat, main character beats popular girl in some popularity contest. Nothing gets original until the end, when Sunset Shimmer becomes a demon and brainwashes the school to invade Equestria. If you can look past how stupid the plan is (the magic of Equestria is apparently no match for teenage awkwardness and angst), this is the part that could have redeemed the movie. However, it’s too rushed to make much of an impact. Twilight regains control of the element, the teens are returned to normal, and Shimmer is defeated in mere minutes after she steals the crown and transforms. And naturally she’s redeemed, because apparently MLP isn’t allowed to have villains anymore. Twilight then attends the dance, goes back to Equestria at the last minute possible, and I’m left wondering how I can get that hour of mine back. Tl:dr This movie spends most of its time being an unoriginal high school drama, and when we finally get to some good conflict, it’s resolved almost instantly. Score 2/10, So it still manages to be better than MMDW and MMC
  10. I was pleasantly surprised by Pinkie's micro. Usually she gets on my nerves, but she was very sweet in this story. Much better characterization than she's gotten in the show lately. It's easily the second best micro released so far.
  11. That's exactly what I'm saying. Read the last part of my post: And the same goes for RT. Few reviews from people who have seen it, and more from people who haven't.
  12. There are "rabid" and "sane" fans in every fanbase. People will always get too obsessed with things. Unfortunately, it seems like there are more rabid fans in this fandom than others.
  13. It also has a 2.7 on IMDB. And Batbrony is right. It's too early too assume any site's reviews will remain very positive or very negative, especially since many reviews are either fanboys giving it a ten without watching it or people giving it a one without watching it.
  14. I wish they could have added a couple of issues to the Nightmare Rarity arc. The rest of the arc was great, but they tried to put way too much into the last issue. It was a little disappointing.
  15. Turning Twilight into a princess was dumb enough. I wouldn't have Celestia or Luna any other way, and Cadance I can live with, but please for the love of god, no more.