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  1. Guess who is back!?

  2. Twisted could feel danger brewing, "It seems they got themselves into some trouble with the law." Speaking quietly to himself as he walked around the deck. "Would be a shame to let this ship return to the empire...maybe it's time I take it off of Gray's hoofs." Grinning as he put his hoof on the wheel of the ship. ((Been busy with school work but I'm back for the most part.))
  3. "Guess it's time to head back and betting on these ponies the cops are looking for them, so i'll just teleport onto the ship." Cards spinning around him a flash of light covered the graveyard. Landing back on deck of the ship grabbing a seat he waited for the others to show up. "I give them ten minutes before I take this ship for myself." Laughing quietly.
  4. Twisted could hear Star's yelling, "That pony sure does know how to fire me up because if I find her alone she won't be able to speak or even walk for that matter. I will teach her a lesson about messing with the wrong pony." Slamming his hoof against his tombstone creating a huge crack in the stone. "One of these days I'm going to lose control and attack her even if the others are around. She keeps pushing me and it's starting to get to me!" Looking where the voice came from. @, "Keep talking Star and watch what happens next!" Replying to the taunt.
  5. Looking up at the gate he could see his golden card, "About time that card shows up and hopefully it can shed some light on what happen to those gems I was planning on stealing from sweetie's shop." Grabbing the card he tossed it upon the grave. Sitting there with a smug look on his face he waited for the card to show him the pony that took his gems.
  6. Twisted pondered as he watched the grass on his grave slowly move, "I already know where she is and what is going to happen next, but I'll play along until these ponies don't notice me slowly sneaking away. I'm not going to give up my freedom for the mistakes they made in bring those two on the ship...and Star the thorn of my life always in my way!" Looking at the gates of the graveyard.
  7. Sleep isn't even safe anymore.

  8. Twisted sat a upon his tombstone, "Here lays Twisted Fate killed by a explosion during a research study....keep my coffin warm these fools of a crew will most likely get me killed or put into jail hopefully it's the first one." Opening his card carrier he remembered he gave a golden card to the mare. "I guess she won't be needing that anymore." Activating the card he recalled the card from the shop.
  9. Twisted growled to himself as he saw Star take off to the shop, "Star is a thorn in my side and soon she will be removed. I guess for now I'll just sit around my grave and watch this chaos unfold." Walking towards the city's graveyard with a smirk on his face.
  10. Twisted looked at Gray, "So you're telling me that there is a mare that knows we are pirates and stole this ship somewhere in the city?! If this goes bad I guess my grave will actual have a body in it soon! Go looking for her now! I'll check her store!" Ordering Gray. "Perfect, gives me a reason to steal those gems and anything valuable in that store of her's." Smirking as walked onto the main deck.
  11. Twisted was going bored of waiting to see this island full of gem and bits. Walking out of his room he saw Moon and Gray talking, "What's the hold up can we lift off and get out of this city?" Hints of unease in his voice. "I don't like being in this city for long period of time because something always goes wrong." Checking his bit bag.
  12. Twisted heard Star yelling about something, "Why did Gray let her on this crew...she is just in the way of progress and progress is the key to success and success equals payload and I like my payload being big." Speaking out loud. Walking to his claimed room he could feel the stress in the area, "Thank Luna I have a teleport if things start to fall apart."
  13. @@thor9356, "Word to the wise keep your distance from Star." Whispering to the pony. "Anyways if you need me i'll be on the deck, captain's room, or wondering the city aimlessly." Tipping his hat tot he ponies before walking back to the railing humming his tone. "Dance of the dead." Mumbling to himself.
  14. @@Moonlight Fire, Twisted walked over to Moon, "Seems like you had a hoof full with Gray and a mare I've seen before..." Hints of confusion in his voice. "I'm not even going to question why they're on this ship and I don't like dealing with drunken ponies. If you want to put them to sleep so you can relax just give me a call." Giving Moon a grin.
  15. Twisted could hear somepony's drunken slur, "Please for the love of Luna tell me that isn't Gray's voice I'm hearing." Looking over the railing trying to find the drunken pony. "Seems I hear the slur of a pony that has been sipping on the juice of the forbidden kingdom. Did you bring me back something?" Smiling as he keep his out for a drunken pony.
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