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    I love playing video games and watching My little Pony(duh) and anime i like to roleplay and im not good at writing descriptions like this one...Chernobyl is a place i would like to go cause of its it amazes me

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  1. Im back again! TIme to write a new thing for that game review blog i made here

  2. how many times have i came back and left again..probably a few time but work get in the way a lot

  3. Hey I'm back and why not come back and make a new blog post to my gaming blog where I talk about a random game and give my though. This time though I might be biased because I love the Drakengard/Nier series so this time I am talking about Nier Automata. Nier Automata. Where do I start? Well lets say I love action, hack and slash rpgs and I love Yoko Taros work with his games. For those who don't know Yoko Taro is the one that created the Drakengard series where Drakengard 1 Ending e leads into Nier and Nier Automata. Nier Automata is a sequel to Nier which is also know and Nier Replicant. Nier Automata takes place very far into the future but its best if you do play the other game to know at least who one of the characters are and some of the references. Anyways enough ramblin let me tell you most of what I think about the games. I love this game and the character. Its your usual Platinum games where is heavy action when need be where the story being made by Yoko Taro will pull at you feels making you think you got a good ending when in realtiy youre not done yet. It has the standard RPG system where you level up by killing enemies and doing the side quest. Of course you dont have to do any of the sidequest but you miss out on good side stuff. The character are great of course you have you main character 2B, 9S, and A2. One of which you wont run into until later in the story but they are great. ANyways thats all I can put because I cant do this game justic talking about it but in my opinion I give the game an 8.5/10
  4. Demonic Soulz

    Them's Fighting Herds trailer and official release date

    Oh? I thought it had less. I should have done more research
  5. Demonic Soulz

    Them's Fighting Herds trailer and official release date

    At least it wont end up like Marvel vs Capcom Infinite but honestly when it comes out it better have a justified price (doubt it will though) It looks fun which is what I mainly care about. Though the roster is small which is a problem I think its about the same as Blazblue Calamity Trigger but that's not much of an argument though. Yes Rosters and promotion are important and its a sham they didn't promote it at all and it doesn't really seem like skull girls at all. No it wont be the next skullgirls that much is obvious and it wont be the next anything it'll be it's own thing be it a failure (Which a lot seem to be) or a success (Which it could be) either way its being released and something tells me they hope to get more publicity via selling through steam and people sharing or making videos on it when it's out. I'm excited fro the game but I have my doubts about it but I don't think it'll outright fail. It'll probably be one of theose games that are forgotten and have a following like Nier Replicant/Gestalt or the Drakengard series. But hey thats my opinion so far.
  6. Demonic Soulz

    Them's Fighting Herds trailer and official release date

    With all being said im still getting it it looks hella fun to me and if it flops well I just wasted money :^) All seriousness though many people say a game flops and sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt youll just have to wait and see what happens and yeah the Communication fo teh game sucked even I forgot about it.Some are still gonna get it and some are gonna say it sucks cause its roster is too small or other problems still present
  7. Demonic Soulz

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Jailed cause teh cake is a lie
  8. Demonic Soulz

    When did you first feel like an adult?

    Getting a job and never sleeping in again
  9. Demonic Soulz

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    For stealing my cake qwq
  10. Demonic Soulz

    Gaming What Games Got You Into Gaming?

    Old sega saturn games that I played with my dad like Guardian Heores, Legend of the Oasis, Albert Odessey, and others.
  11. Demonic Soulz

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Last Anime I watched was Saga of Tanya the Evil
  12. Demonic Soulz

    Web Anyone Else Stream on Twitch?

    I stream every now and then I'm trying to get a good schedule going so I don't end up having to leave the stream abruptly.
  13. Demonic Soulz

    Gaming Tom Clancy's 'The Division'

    I rented it and played it for two days. Now I must say I was on PS4 when I did this and I am not all that great with giving my point without contradicting myself but: It's an interesting story taking place after a virus outbreak that destroyed New York but instead of being cliche Zombies and shit it's more like fend for your self. You are tasked along with others to try and bring NY back to how it was before the outbreak trying to help people in need and help people from these guys known as cleaners. The game plays starts you in a tutorial area to help you get used to the game before you are sent into the actual world where lots of stuff can happen. Now I haven't gotten much into the game but I can say this Pros: -To me the combat is okay save for the difficulty can be a bit unfair at times -Guns being able to be modded is of course a usual thing but these mods can range from being able to get you more exp from head shots to even just being stealthy if you want. Cons -Dark Zone being pvp oriented is great and all...but sometimes it cant help that people will group up in large groups and go after the ones in small groups making getting anything done in the Dark Zone difficult -Cover system has its flaws. At times you can be in cover and you'll still be shot at or the enemies with guns will just rush you making you get out of cover and get shot by the others. -Playing with others is almost needed because it gets really boring playing by yourself Again not good at reviews but that is what I have to say from what I have played
  14. Demonic Soulz

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    So Im back in the forums thanks to life finally going easy on me I am excited for MHx/MH Generations and I also finally got to G rank...other then that how has everyones hunts been?
  15. Demonic Soulz

    Would you date the user above you?

    I thought I already did o.o