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  1. Wow you really know how to win a guy over with that rarilight!
  2. It wasn't the drama that got me, it was how vehemently opposed to dwm and pinkiepony that the fandom seemed to be. The fandoms reaction just really disgusted me.
  3. Rarilight. I had zero interest in it, for me it was twipie all the way but then my friend pulled me and.. well here we are.
  4. Personality. I've often found that after I get to know someone I end up finding them more attractive than when I first met them.
  5. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: I think it was through a google search How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I got curious about it and started watching mid season 3. Alright well... I used to be pretty into the brony fandom for a long while, specifically on this forum. Then all that drama with DWM happened and I just got really disgusted with the fandom in general and kind of left. I still watched the show and I still loved it. Since then I've made a few of likeminded friends who enjoy MLP and I've just sort of decided to try to get back into the fandom. I know there are some wonderful people here and I'd like to believe that those wonderful people are the majority.
  6. It's pretty clear the piece flew way over your head. No one is accusing you of being the rapist's comrade. What they said was when you laugh about rape and you treat it as a normal thing, a joke, a real and true rapist would feel validated and see you as their comrade because making rape jokes and laughing at them normalizes rape. Sure, not to you (hopefully) because you're that decent guy who can just appreciate a good joke, but to the rapist it absolutely does. Now let's look at it from the victims point of view. 97% percent of rapists never spend a day in jail. (http://www.rainn.org/statistics) Most rapists never have to pay for their crime. Think how often we see "they were asking for it" or "well she shouldn't have gotten drunk with a group of guys! What did she think would happen?" just blaming the victim and not the rapist. Because of that how hard is it for a victim to go to the police with a rape case? Think how difficult it would be for the victim to have to take the stand in court, looking their attacker(s) in the eye and testify against them. Hard on its own, but now add in all their peers making rape jokes and laughing about it like it's not a big deal. Already they may thinking "Was it really their fault? Maybe I shouldn't have dressed like that. Maybe I did send signals. Maybe I egged them on. Maybe it was me." Think how that makes the victim feel. Now you may be "They were raped and that's a horrible awful thing but they can't get stuck on that. They need to move on." That is literally the equivalent of telling someone suffering with clinical depression to "get happier" or telling a soldier with PTSD to just "move on the war is over" and that is why you can't tell someone to just "get over yourself" because they're offended by rape jokes. That is the issue I have with Molestia, that is why people are angry about a simple little joke. Really why Molestia though? Why is it a problem to just make it Trollestia and make jokes that don't involve rape or sexual assault. Some of the strips on there already do! And you know what, they're funny. But why have rape jokes in there? Gamer Luna is cool, I love the gamer Luna meme. That's why I don't think the blog should be taken down, just changed a bit and JJ should apologise for making rape jokes. Like you said, this is over the internet and I don't know you so let me clarify my "you're a tool if you make rape jokes" bit. You may be a really cool guy. I don't know, I haven't met you. If you make rape jokes, you're a tool for doing so, but that doesn't mean I hate you. I think you have an immature and offensive sense of humor and I think you need to grow up and see how your "jokes" impact others, but I don't hate you, nor do I think you're a bad person. Hell I used to make rape jokes and laugh at them.
  7. The problem with Molestia is that it is literally making fun of rape and sexual assault. That is pretty bucking insulting to survivors and it just shows how far rape culture goes when you can just write it off as a joke. So if that is how you want to dismiss the molestia blog, please, please take the time to read this. It was actually written in response to a comic on Penny Arcade, but I feel it fits in rather well with my thoughts on Molestia, and rape jokes in general. Now I don't think the blog should be taken down. I think JJ should make a post apologising for offending people with rape jokes, and promise to stop with them.
  8. Ah Luna Eclipsed. I love this episode.++

  9. I meant to just finish the first couple missions in Mass Effect 2 and then just go to sleep. Five hours later it's 1am and I need to be up at 7. Whoops.

  10. Right so I already have Dead Space 1 and Burnout Paradise, so does anyone want my extra Origin keys from the new humble bundle?

  11. Ooohhh man do I love Tumblr. I've made a few friends on there, and there is some truly amazing content on there. I love being able to discuss fandoms and stuff. Like really, I know zero Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Firefly fans, but I've met quite a few on Tumblr and it's great to be able to talk about these shows, when before I was just sort of geeking out on my own. Also it's a really great place for me to vent. As for people wondering how to get followers and traffic, it mostly takes time and dedication. I only have 49 followers, so I may not be the best to give advice, but I think I've been growing pretty rapidly lately. Basically you have to tag all of your posts. Make sure their relevant tags though, otherwise you're just being a douche. That way people searching for whatever you're posting will find your posts. Second you have to be consistent in your posting. If you only make a few posts a day, or post a ton a few days of the week, you're not going to attract a lot of followers because you're not being very active, and you're not being consistently active. Third get in on some promos! Larger blogs will often host promos for fledgling blogs. These often come in the form of contests for best URL, best theme, best content etc., or they will come in things like "first 20 to reblog get's a promo!" Fourth aesthetic is really important. If people see a post and decide to check out your blog and you have an exceptionally common or horrendous theme, they will probably just navigate away from your blog. Sort of tied into is is URL. If you make your URL like a username like jackw545, people won't be attracted to it. Try to base your URL on your interests or what kind of things you post. Mine is assortedgeekerys for reference and a few of my favorite blogs URLs: queen-of-worlds-that-dont-exist, flutter-dashie, angry-tardis-noises, hyruliandumbass and thelizardwomenfromthedawnoftime. AND shameless self plug time! assortedgeekerys.tumblr.com. If I were forced to classify my blog, I'd say multifandom, but I mostly reblog anything I like. The fandoms I post are MLP (of course), Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, The Mortal Instruments and LoTR. There are tons more but I don't want to bore you with the long list of them.
  12. In real life I'm pretty embarrassed about ponies and keep it pretty low key. I really don't need another thing to be harassed about. Being under 18 and living with a sibling and parents, I actually haven't been able to yet, but crossdressing seems really fun. I definitely have some fetishes, but honestly that's kind of TMI but if any of you really want to know just shoot me a message or something.
  13. Oohh I have quite a few in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Along similar lines in Angel A tumblr post about Clockwork Princess spoiled (wow Tumblr has ruined a lot of things for me!) AGAIN WITH TUMBLR SPOILING THINGS in Supernatural And an Amazon review kind of spoiled Looking for Alaska for me.
  14. So I haven't been active on here all that much so I should just say that I love all of you and you're all awesome, I just haven't had anything relevant to post so I've mostly just been lurking. But yeah I didn't just sort of forget about this or anything. :)

  15. I'm really quite happy with Netflix's new profile system because now I can watch ponies (and my more than slightly homoerotic animes) and it won't appear in recently watched for anyone else.