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  1. Windwaker


    Trixie: No, I'm just the most powerful unicorn in Equestria. I'm stubborn, but not THAT stubborn to call me an all knowing goddess. Babs Seed: Ah dought she had no flaws at ahll!
  2. Windwaker


    Trixie: I don't go on the "internet". I am too great and powerful for that. Babs: Oh.
  3. You know, I say that alot to my family when my brother think I'm clopping, (Or "clomping." Such a friggin stupid name.) and I'm like "That's the dark side of the fandom. I don't go there!" Also, grimdark stories are automatically horrible.
  4. Am I the only one who says it should? A brony president would be sweet! Imagine Twilight Sparkle or Babs Seed in one of his campaign ads. That would be AWESOME!
  5. Ok, first off, this isn't a place for Fanfics. Please move this to FIMfiction, please. Second, you told me about this and I was hyped. But when I read it, the hype went away. No offense or anything, but the first chapter wasn't that good. It wasn't BAD, but it wasn't that good either. But I'll read the second and see how it goes. (But I hope you don't ruin my OC in that, since I'm going to be in it later with THE GREAT AND POWERFUL BABS SEED!) Overall 7/10
  6. Windwaker


  7. Windwaker


    Trixie: PATHETIC? I HAVE YOU KNOW I AM THE GREATEST UNICORN IN ALL OF PONYVILLE! *zaps Princess Boltia to the Trixie Zone* That should teach him/her respect to me.
  8. Windwaker


    Trixie: I AM NOT AN IDENTITY THEIF! I am The Great and Powerful Trixie! If anypony is going to be Trixie, it should be the original! *zaps beam at Frozen Lasagna Thief*
  9. Windwaker


    Trixie: Ha! Such petty fools make a religion based around ME? I am happy about that. But users are saying THEY are The Great and Powerful (Or apologetic.) Trixie? That is a crime against ponymanity! Honey, calm down. This IS what you wanted, right? Trixie: Yes, I guess so. BUT STILL!
  10. Windwaker


    Uh, no. How do I REALLY join?
  11. Sweet Luna. These design looks UH-GLY! I'm no fashions expert, but even DERPY would say that character design looks HIDEOUS. But I'll still see it for the benefit of the doubt.
  12. This is looking like the original FIM series. Everypony will hate it. And they wouldn't watch it. But if you DO watch it, you might have the exact opposite reaction and LOVE this movie. But, hey, if this IS bad, we'll ignore it. We ignored bad episodes like Showstoppers and Spike at your service, right?