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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. I know you're probably not gonna read this for a while, but happy birthday fellow Bay Stater.

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      Thanks :] Seven hours is a pretty long time, tbh I only just remembered I had an account here because of an email notification for this very message

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      Ah, that makes sense.

  4. Great thread imo Cheese pizza forever, circle pizza is better than square, "American"-style pizza (greasy af) is the worst thing to happen to pizza, buttery golden crust plz
  5. I know it's not as extreme, but did we really need both Ness and Lucas in Brawl? The Mother series isn't exactly big or recent. Why do we have Ice Climbers? Little Mac? "Size" of a franchise isn't the best or only way to decide how many representatives (if any) a franchise gets. How about whether or not the character could make an interesting addition to the cast? Palutena could be really cool, so why exclude her because her resident franchise is too small or unknown? I never played it myself, but from what I hear, Uprising was pretty well-received and continuing the reboot might not be a bad idea. (I agree it's kind of pandering to his franchise but I don't really have a personal problem with that) Palutena almost certainly isn't being added for such an arbitrary reason as "she's female." And if Samus, Peach, and Zelda were the only unambiguously female characters out of a cast of 35 characters on the selection screen (as was the case in Brawl I think, ofc Samus and Zelda are two in one on the selection screen), don't you think it's reasonable to want some gender diversity? An overwhelmingly male cast is something I don't think you'd advocate. Female characters added for any reason, even a legitimate one, would be eaten up because 'moar female characterz.' (Is there some sort of a problem with guys being sexually attracted to females? Serious question here, not trying to mansplain or w/e. Being attractive doesn't delegitimize a char at all? I see what you mean if a scantily-clad female char made especially for Smash were introduced, but this isn't that at all) ___ How about that E3 invitational though? Final Smashes in action looked pretty hype. I didn't really like the Yellow Devil in more chaotic four-player medium-items matches, but I thought it was fine in less crazy matches. Looking forward to seeing a training montage of Reggie before he eventually plays against Hungrybox on the 3DS version.
  6. The poll systematically favors those who like orange juice not only in the obvious "the first question has two pro-OJ responses and only one anti-OJ response" way, but also in the "the second question is has no anti-OJ responses and both questions must be answered to submit results, thus preventing any results from those who don't like OJ" way. Since the poll doesn't accommodate me ( :[ :[ :[ ), I guess I have to post about how I don't like orange juice? Because I don't. I don't like oranges either. Or any fruit, really. Artificial orange flavor is fine by me! I'll stick to water and milk for beverages. Pulp is gross af Edit: /me rejuices at new poll option
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    Did you guys call me inactive Because that's almost true but not quite And do I have to change my avatar/sig from the old school style :[ I even had this avatar before the revival. Maybe my new avatar could be a burrito?
  8. Happy Birthday :)


  10. @@Mutemutt, the cartridge-swapping and move-more-stuff-to-Box-1-and-restart-Poketransfer-ing was an exercise in patience, but I found it pretty easy to maneuver around the Bank app proper. Useful tip if you didn't know, pressing Start until the cursor is green lets you select multiple Pokemon at a time, so you could move the entire transfer box into another box, transfer more until you're satisfied, then drag entire boxes at a time into XY if you have the free space. Of course the tip probably isn't of much use to you if you already completed your transfers... It took me hours to transfer four or so boxes only because my campus internet disconnects me after 90 or so seconds, so I generally had to drag six mons at a time and quit as fast as possible to cut down on load times. Usually I would get disconnected while loading was happening, so the app had to perform a cleanup procedure if the transfer was successful, but at least it worked. The cleanup procedure message was an indication that it worked, but it turns out it has to be done before the process can be moved further along, something I found out when trying to bypass it by transporting more mons to the transfer box. Long story short, I should have waited until I could go home for the weekend and have a continuous connection, but it was a snow day and I couldn't help myself. (of course now my 3DS can't even connect to the Wifi except in connection tests and the browser b/c error code 001-0502, so I can't Wonder Trade these 18 Bold egg moves Chansey I bred or try some legendary exchange on the GTS QQ)
  11. Homura is best pone This should totes happen I watched a p nice quality camrip of Rebellion with decent but weird subs that kind of obscured the meaning even more than it already kind of was. I wasn't sure if the cake song was poorly subbed or if it was actually happening, for example, but I don't think I'd be confident that it actually happened if I watched the official dub even because it's just that weird. From the descriptions in this thread, I understand it's still kind of a mindfuck even without hard-to-follow subs. Suffice to say I was thoroughly confused throughout and I still am.
  12. I know you prob already figured this out, but the FAQ said that you can't transfer Kyurem-W or Kyurem-B, all you gotta do is split them and transfer them individually. There's a punk girl in Kiloude that gives you the DNA Splicers so you can re-fuse them. Was anyone else maybe a bit too hasty in transferring mons? I kinda regret not tutoring Earth Power to my Rash Kyurem for max Kyurem-B shenanigans. Stealth Rock and Knock Off on my Adamant Landorus-T would have been nice as well. Either way I already started using Hyper Voice Mega Gardevoir in the Maison and it's so great omg, I'm leading with it in Super Multi alongside an AI partner with Scarf Eruption Entei and Thick Club 4 attacks Marowak. So far I tried Heatran, Gyarados, and Zapdos as backup, not sure which is best. Max power STAB Eruption and Pixilate STAB Hyper Voice is a cool combo that mostly misses out on Fire-types, which I guess I have Tailwind Zapdos and Marowak for? Really Zapdos is just there for DisQuake with Marowak with added Heat Wave. The Multi trophy is the only one I don't have yet and doing it with AI really sux. In other Maison news I have an ongoing 150 streak in Super Singles because Cloyster is OP, holding off until I can brute-force Super Multi. Sash Cloyster/Lum Garchomp/Leftovers mixed Aegislash 2gud (does anyone have a spare shiny event Genesect with Iron Head and the event moves plz, I can trade a couple shiny Gulpin or a Hasty Sheer Force Landorus or an Impish and Brave Regirock or something)
  13. I used Chrome a while ago but then it kind of shit the bed, so I switched to Firefox. It enables my tab problem (75 tabs as of this post, pls help) by not compressing the tabs and instead giving a scrolling dealie. I'm sure Chrome is fine, but it's p hard to transfer 75 tabs so I'm stuck with Firefox for now, not that I have any problem with that. Do note that I'm not Firefoxing as a boycott of Google+ shenanigans, it's just a lot more convenient with obscene amounts of tabs and smooth scrolling (is it just me or is scrolling on Chrome really rough and incremented, almost like a La-Z-Boy recliner if I remember what those are like). I use mobile Chrome because I think the only mobile Firefox is a not-free app and I'd kind of rather spend iTunes gift cards on Ninja Sex Party albums right now, especially when free mobile browsers work just as well.
  14. I'm really disappointed at the lack on NSP so far. This is the Ultimate Sandwich, no questions asked. A shit-ton of of chicken on a dick-load of ham, an explosion of can't get much better than that.