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  1. Lucky you. Send some of that rain my way, it’s been scorching hot these past few weeks.
  2. Hi!!! I’m like, your biggest fan!!!!!

  3. Stuff as much as i possibly can into a cup. Then feel the wraith in my colon as i squirm on the couch mimicking a mini-seizure. Then slowly make my way to the bathroom so i can unleash hell into the porcelain throne.
  4. Overwatch, but i'm shit at it and i have no-one to play with. RIP +20% exp.
  5. Battlefield 4 time.

  6. All those amazing Vice City memories just came back to me...
  7. Just go and read some 'self-insert' FanFics. Most of them are pretty shitty.
  8. Coke all the way. Even better if its in a glass bottle.
  9. I have 2 Sphinx cats. Here's a photo of one. Her name is Marie. I know, its the most generic cat name. Blame my mom.
  10. Ugh. DayZ Standalone is so broken.

    1. Delernil


      I played DayZ standalone once. I ran along the train tracks playing the SANIC theme through my mic. Then i got shot.



    2. Display Name

      Display Name

      I just died by climbing a ladder. 12/10.

  11. Hello, and welcome to the forums.