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  1. LOLS!!! XD ok well no sorry bro, I'm also curious why you dislike them so much lols
  2. So yea I been a pretty big fan of the game osu and I know for a fact that there are a lot of bronies in the osu community. I thought it would be cool to meet some people on here that play osu as well so we could add each other and play some osu one of these times ! Summer is coming soon for me so I'll have plenty of time to play haha. IGN: Night_Mare_ A little about my OSU style - I am a keyboard/mouse user, I click for everything (sometimes i alternate X and Left Click for streams) but normally I use Z and X for streams. - Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse II - Mouse: Mionix Naos 3200 (Green Setting) OSU Settings - All graphics on - 1.3x mouse sensitivity - 1680x1050 resolution
  3. Haha coincidentally I do play tennis . I actually play college tennis lols, I play for Chabot College as their #2 doubles and #2/3 singles
  4. Haha, I'll be honest! I don't think I'd be walking after 15 miles xD, 23 miles is a long a$$ walk! So YES! that counts toward being a boss at walking long distances Well as far as I'm concerned, I consider you an athlete at the least. You seem very active ! haha keep it up! I also like swimming although my horrible tan lines make me feel weird when I go to the pool lols!
  5. I agree! paintball to me is pretty fun haha, Although I've been more into airsofting, I always loved the atmosphere in the paintball scene more haha. And good luck to you and your paintball passion
  6. Haha it's fine , it sounds like you used to be a pretty active person. Maybe in time you'll find a passion for some physical activity again.
  7. Marching! haha even though I was never part of a marching band, I always know they can get the crowd lively and get the fun started! I love music so I always enjoy a good performance from the marching band !
  8. So far I've gotten some great replies ! I've been doing this on my posts, but again, I really want to make the Brony Athletes Facebook page blow-up So you are all welcome to join Haha that's still being an athlete in my books , good luck in your progression, I can't wait to hear the news when you come back to tell us you made it in the rugby club ! Running is great !, it is a little more difficult to get up and out to go for a run when it is a bit cold so I can understand haha, it'll get warmer once spring and summer hit again though. Haha, there is some truth behind that lols, I know in tennis, I can last a bit longer when it's cold...although it takes me longer to warm up though lols Nice! That's awesome too , haha I always wanted to learn Taekwondo, I know some Jeet Kune Do, since my dad is really good at it, but I'm no where near your level in martial arts haha Baseball is a great sport too , lot's of teamwork involved and a great sense of position, since each player has a position to play and do their part , awesome haha! and yea I'd love a professional athlete to say they were a brony .
  9. I know I apologize for making my first posts about athletics and stuff, but I really wanna make some brony friends who are also athletes, *even better if they play tennis * Anywho, yea where are them Brony Athletes /:)? Ohh yea btw, Luna is my favorite
  10. Hey everypony! Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but here goes. So Chabot College *the college I play tennis for* we played against Cabrillo College. Me and my friend won: #2 doubles: 8-6 I won singles: #2 singles: 6-2 6-1 Yay , BronyTennis still remains undeafeated *well almost, I don't count the tournament as part of "Season". I'm representing bronies in every match I play ! And people think a "Brony" can't be an athlete...haha pshhhh I guess I'm proving them wrong xD! This is college tennis, this is where we serve an average of 90-120mph serves and hit shots about 50-75mph lols! Those anti bronies can't seriously think it doesn't take a strong physical and strong mental conditioning to play tennis at this level. Love the Brony Community! That's why I represent Match History Modesto Junior College: #2 Doubles WIN 6-2 6-3 #3 Singles WIN 6-3 6-4 Folsom Lake College #2 Doubles WIN 6-0 6-0 #3 Singles WIN 6-0 6-0 Modesto Flight Tournament #3 Singles DAY 1 WIN 6-0 6-1 / WIN 6-3 4-6 6-2 #2 Doubles DAY 1 WIN 8-0 / WIN 9-8 (Tiebreaker 7-3) #3 Singles DAY 2 LOSE 0-6 0-6 (the guy was a top player from Italy who was recruited -_-) #2 Doubles DAY 2 LOSE 6-8 (Made it to Semifinals in both Singles and Doubles) Sierra College #2 Doubles WIN 8-2 #3 Singles WIN 6-2 6-1 (I think) Foothill College #2 Doubles WIN 9-7 #2 Singles WIN 4-6 6-3 7-6 (Tiebreaker 7-3) *I BEAT THE FOREIGN KID FROM LITHUANIA!!* *Then todays match* Come join the Brony Athletes page Add me on Facebook
  11. Awesome ! I'll have to check that out when I get the chance haha! Haha this is for any athlete, but the profile pic is my BronyTennis pic from my youtube account since I don't have time to make another mlp vector. If anyone is interested in making a community profile pic, that'd be greatly appreciated . And competitive or not, you're welcome to join!
  12. Haha thanks , always feels great to be greeted by a caring community
  13. Hey guys! im not new to the brony community, i was a regular and fimforums back when it was around. Anywho! Im hoping to get this new FB community page started and moving along to a be popular. The community is called "Brony Athletes" I myself am a top Junior College Tennis Player, Brandon Lew. I play #2&3 singles and #2 doubles for Chabot College. At the moment, I'm currently undefeated and I plan to stay that way and represent Chabot and the Brony Community . Basically I'm not shy to show off my brony spirit either! xD I play with mlp shirts when i play in some of my matches, especially when people are watching haha. This is the community page! Join it ! have fun with it! invite people, post scores, and just enjoy meeting new athlete bronies !