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  1. Good news everyone. I'm not dead :D

  2. http://actfast231.deviantart.com/art/Character-Bio-First-attempt-425512543 Just posted my first attempt at a non fan based OC. Any feedback would be great.
  3. eye test required eye drops to open up my pupils. Now I look possesed and I can't see anything past 3 feet. Just waiting for it to where off.

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    2. ActFast231


      Shitty image, but there you go.
    3. ActFast231


      Link didn't work. Ah well.

    4. hariyaMakusu2



  4. Debating whether or not I should put some old sketches on deviantart or not...

  5. Why must my parents feel the need to micro manage my life? :l

    1. GenderIsAnIllusion


      Their your parents.... its just normal.

  6. Gonna get into digital art...as soon as I have the money for the resources. :l

    1. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      Sounds awesome man stick to it :)

  7. Going to see about aquiring a drawing tablet. Any recommendations?

    1. TheInsaneShane


      Paper... JK, I have no idea... :/

  8. I would like to apologize for the recent bitchings of yours truley. I will be keeping negative content to a minimum from here on in.

  9. One of my blogs: ALL CAPS FUN TIME!! The other one: I need a damn drink

  10. Completed a vent blog. TL;DR is essentially "I broke down, depression sucks."

  11. So I decided to put this here instead of posting it in Life Advice, plus this is more of a vent on my part. But as always, any aid is appreciated. What happened today was I was at school, and was on a laptop. I was rather down and apathetic, so I look up apathy and see how it can be fought. The wikipedia page was informative enough, though I saw it was linked to Aspergers syndrome. Now I am looking into getting screened for this, but I decided to look anyway. The symptoms-formal or sophisticated speech, one sided conversations, the forced, awkward, social interaction that lead to failed friend
  12. That's what I get for making a blog past midnight. CURSE YOU TYPO!
  13. So it has been some time since I have done a blog, so I was thinking of doing another art dump, but I was wondering of any of you had any particular request for what art I should collect. As long as it isn't grimdark of R34.
  14. If my father could attempt some level of understanding, that's be greeeaaat.

    1. Skycoaster


      I know what you mean there. From my personal experience, Fathers want their sons to be just like them. Do everything they do, ext. When we have our own interests, they try to force theirs on us. To quote one of the famous ones from my family..."I don't have a son, I have another daughter. Your mother turned you into a pansy."

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