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  1. Awww why do I have to be the one licked by the weird scary monster? XD
  2. Not a hipster lol. But in more detail. Before I found it hard to clop to ponies as they are cartoons. But I enjoy it more now.
  3. Changed my vote since last time. Now a full clopper wooo lol
  4. Not got a very build up personality so feel free to change how he acts in the animation.
  5. Recently my friend (who is not really a true friend however most my friends dont go to my school so i hang around with him). Told people around my school that i like my little pony and gave them my youtube account. Luckily there is no evidence i own the channel since i only post ponies but they still believe him. Any tips on what I should do now?
  6. From what I remember I was watching a youtube video about a Minecraft tv mod and it turns out the mod reviewer had mlp on the Minecraft tv mod.( Tbh I don't think I knew what it was then.) Then because I liked Nyan cat using my common sense I look for a dubstep remix so I found the Alex s remix. I left it for a bit and then curiosity got me and late February I watched my first mlp episode what was "games ponies play". I liked it so I decided to watch from the beginning. And then early march I officially call myself a brony ^^ And that's how equestria was mane Bad grammar? Typing on iphone
  7. Hmmm. They could always bring back the sea ponies maybe. They would have to make it work i dont want to see applejack dancing with them XD
  8. Thx. I shall definatly take the advice about not letting ponies distract me. The internet is a huge place full of loads of distractions.
  9. *opens tech draw* Macbook Pro 13 Inch 2010 (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD, NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB integrated graphics) iPhone Razer Electra Headphones Blue Snowflake Microphone DSi (Barely Used) 1TB External Hard drive Raspberry Pi Netgear Router Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse A couple of dumb phones iPhone Dock /radio/cdplayer (that barely gets used because i listen to music on my computer) TV (that barely gets used because i lost my mini display adapter for multi monitor and i barely watch tv) Fujifilm digital camera (barely used my iphone probably takes better pictures and more convinient) Oh yeah and an iMac G3 which is pretty much my dads because he always uses it but i dont however i bought it
  10. Hey yall so school started today for me and this year i am starting my GCSEs. If you don't know what that means, basically there will be a lot more work. So I want to know what yall do to help with school stress and if ponies help avoid it and why.
  11. Its also friendship day. SO lets make some friendship cheesecakes
  12. Will there be cake? No However there will be cheesecake
  13. Here is a PMV I made today when I got bored using Final Cut Pro X. Reply about what you think of it. Sorry for getting the song stuck in your head.
  14. In the UK we have a childens channel called Cbeebies or something and they have 3d and 2d animated cartoons but they are really badly animated and also the stories are really bad compared to mlp; So yeah cartoond are getting worse