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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Hello ponies I'm taking some drawing requests! One note: they can only be simple drawings I can't draw well.. so go easy on me thank you and have a wonderful day! Oh..and put your request under this topic!
  3. Looks good for your 1st drawling. now for me I've never drawn a pony i can only draw stick ppl i know i suck who knows maybe I'll draw something in The future
  4. I like nightmare moon but i prefer luna idk why can you do AJ for me or. Rainbow please? I like them two the best. luna i but nightmare moon is good to
  5. Wow now that's a epic drawling! Looks a bit off but thats ok. anyway i love it! Rarity is ot one of my fav ponies but THIS just might've changed how i feel about her! ^.^
  6. Wow..when i saw this i was confused. I got the idea but why is twlight a ailcorn now? I was thinking they where going to do this at the end of the show not the end of the season! But i like the episode anyway. ^.^
  7. magical discord


    I'm new here just thoght i'd say hello! I like discord a lot also i like to roleplay aswell oh i don't wanna forget this! /) go trixe!