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  1. Lets see where does the list start. Its not so much "Headcannon" as it is fandom nonsense. First "Time turner is the doctor" Please I can take some crossovers but that is a bit too much for me. Vynal and Octavia, Derpy and muffins, Fluttershy and Discord, Alicorn oc's, Oc's. The list goes on and on.
  2. Skype: Penguinowaffle I would love to join a non RP Skype group if anyone has open ones XD
  3. Well I mean, seeing where she came from. Everypony adored her older sister, because she provided the sun. But they could not show appreciation to her night, withought night the land would overheat, ponies would not be able to sleep. Yes she only noticed ponies sleeping in her beautiful night but there is no canon proof that these ponies tried to show appreciation for Luna's night. I for one love the night the cold it brings the tranquility, and the smells. But I do not obsession with her. She is also a lot cuter.
  4. Greggery for some reason that would be nice but i couldnt change my name I look like a Daaren, that would be weird a Daaren walking around but his name is acually Greggery
  5. Oh dear that is a lot I mean concitering you'd have to come up with a worthwile contribution and everything to over 2000 topics or so that is a bit much.
  6. Rarity, all of my friends well most of them) have pinned me with this title, evidently i am generous and a bit obsessed with fashion, (just my hair....) but they don't know much about MLP
  7. Well I am 19 as of today...

  8. Well... That is awsome and very attractive there is just something about adding clothes to ponies that is very appealing to the optical organs.
  9. Anypony here going to the Cutie Mark Con on the 31st?

  10. Oh you want wierd? Read sweet apple massacure..... oh and welcome to the forums
  11. Pinguino~


    Liking the latin bro, I think im gunna like you. Hope you enjoy your many adventures here! Penguino~ out!