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    I just heard Windwaker is banned. So you just lost another Trixie fan. :/ But, hey, I like Trixie! Can I join?
  2. Well, my friend had the hots for AJ, but that went away No. Just, no. If it would have romantic interests, (Especially Trixie and others.) ponies would freak! OCs might be married to the canon characters, and the would throw a hissy fit. So, no.
  3. DoctorWhoovesandDerpy


    I know somepony who would definetly would want to join. *cough* Windwaker and Babs *cough *cough* Anyway, I don't really care for Trixieism. Trixie is a good character, but I wouldn't worship her. But, still, my friend would LOVE this. *cough* Windwaker and Babs *cough *cough*
  4. Feld0 day. Ugh. This is going to be a long night.

    1. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      What do you have against Feld0

    2. DoctorWhoovesandDerpy


      Nothing. *applejack lying face*

    3. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      I know your lying

  5. Wow. I mean, wow. The hate for this is REALLY HIGH! I think this might have more hate then Barbie and Hello Kitty COMBINED! This is why we can't have nice things...
  6. The meaning of life is to have a free will! That, or 42! No one knows what the meaning of life is, but only time will tell! My answer: I don't know.
  7. "Hah! Me and King Sombra had a 'history'" queen chrysalis said as she shot beams at frost. "The only reason I wanted to be part of this is to get revenge on Wind, that's all." King sombra disappeared. (Get ready for the reprise!) "I have to get the Elements!" Wind said as he ran out of the castle. He caught up with applejack and found the sanctuary to where the elements where. They went inside, where there were bunches of stained glass. On one showed the doctor and Wind with the tardis. Another showed Applejack, Connor, and Babs fighting king sombra. And the last one he saw was
  8. VA means voice actor. I guess I'll play King Sombra! I have the right stuff to become him! How do we audition? Also, Doctor whooves sounds good to me! Same as Fluttershy! I have a GREAT fluttershy voice!
  9. Chrysalis shot beams at trixie that knocked her over the castle. Babs punched chrysalis and uppercutted her. King sombra clashed swords with Wind. Wind slashed king sombra. Kong sombra slashed wind, but that didnt hurt much. He uppercutted sombra and punched him in the stomach. He slashed st sombra multiple times.
  10. My favorite drink is lemonade! I don't know why, I just get it everywhere! It's supposed to be sour, but I don't taste the sourness. It actually tastes sweet. (Ah, taste buds!)
  11. I JUST HAD A MLP DREAM! It was something about babs and me being BF/GF and her moving away. I gotta stop watching that clip from Apple Family reunion! THANKS HEAVYSHY!
  12. Shining armor ran towards him and hugged him. "DUDE! What's up? Shining armor said to him. "Something' suspicious is goin' on here!" Babs said to herself as she walked out of the train. But everything seemed fine. There were 5 layers of forcefIeld, a bunch of guards. What could go wrong. Everything.
  13. (Um, babs brother is Wind. HERPDEDERP!) Canterlot. Wind was sitting down in a room where rarity is making the tuxedo for his wedding. "Do you want yours black or blue?" Rarity asked. "blue." Connor said. "just give me blue." Rarity noticed Connor not being happy. "Wind, what's wrong. I thought Applejack was like your soulmate! You should be happy!" Rarity said, sitting down next to him. "I feel something bad is going to happen. I'm going to see applejack." Wind said. As he got out of the room he saw a shadow of some sort of figure. He ran to it and fell into a hol
  14. "No, no! They're okay, ah' guess." Babs said. "The time defenders are out, so wanted to show ya' to mah hometown, Manehattan. I know how to work da' Tardis, so I can pretty much take ya' wherevah ya' want." The doorbell rang. "YAWN. Ah'll get it." Babs went to the door to see a mailmare. "Are you babs seed?" Derpy the mailmare asked. "Yeah, wha'?" Babs asked. "Here you go!" Derpy gave a letter to her. Babs closed the door. "Lets see. Dear babs and frost, you are invited to the wedding if Applejack and GASP my brother?"
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