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  1. I'd hit you with the fact that that's a really funny word
  2. Well... I don't really know you that much, but I hope you pull through this. This site wouldn't be the same without you
  3. I'd hit you with my own failed reference apparently... lol
  4. 1. Pinkie - Well, duh. She's the element of laughter, and the one pony who can always make me laugh 2. Twilight - She can be really funny at times (Especially in Lesson Zero and It's About Time) even if she's not always trying to be funny. 3. Rarity - She doesn't necessarily make me laugh, but it still makes me smile when she gets hit in the head with a rock. (The revenge of Tom!) 4. Fluttershy - She isn't really the kind of pony to make someone laugh. She's the most adorable pony in the world (in my opinion), but it doesn't make her that funny really. 5. Tie between Rainbow and Applejack - Well, neither of them are really funny to me...
  5. I'd hit you with a post that's overly complicated for no other reason than to be complicated and if you're still reading you'll realize I'm reffering to this post itself.
  6. Okay... If you say so... OT: Leafeon x [insert eeveelution here]
  7. Concord and apparently forgetting me... (Next person can skip me, I have posted a lot)
  8. Lucre... Thing x some other mutant pokemon fusion
  9. Well this escelated(Can't remember how to spell that right now) quickly
  10. @Leafeon: Oh that's a new one Ninja'd... Cakebandit and muffintheif