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About Me

Screen Name: Adelind


Age: 20


Zodiac Sign: capricorn


About Me:


ello everypony, im adelind. i wager in order to get to be known anywhere, i might as well start here. so here i go.

first off, im a unicorn. a blue one really, it's my favorite color next to any neon color.


my name comes from a water dragon, who represented strength and courage. the name it's self means noble spirit.


i like to think I'm bold and unlimited to anything. however, sometimes i comes across as brash and selfish but i'm not easily offended. i'm a bit naive . i"m full of sparkle and compassion, stubborn and loyal, adventurous and supportive and full of surprises. i will go to the ends for my friends happiness and protection, even if it means sacraficing my own to make it happen .i make alot of mistakes but i take full responsibility for them.

i absolutly love the nature, writing, singing and making ponies everywhere smile.

i admire luna and rainbowdash. they are like my idols.

i stand for courage and strength.