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  1. I believe if that were to happen, mlp fim would loose all of it's value, bronies would go down in number because of the shame, and anit bronies would have more to feed on and give more hassel to those who loved the show, not to mention those who loved the show before that would be labled harder, bullied more, and suicideds might even go up even worse then what they already are. Mlp is a family and fan oriented show. Should such vulgar things like that come about to happening, everything would go down hill.
  2. Bored, but happy to have my old meself again

  3. I love soda. for years it used to be dr pepper, but for some reason, it switched to pepsi.
  4. OMG! Im 22 Today!!!!! Im so friggin young! welps! have fun every pony celebrating NYE!

  5. its been so quiete on my end :(

  6. Selling plushies at a holiday discount ! 10" plushies only 45$! pm for more

  7. i have my screen on a 42 inch tv and its all blurry. it fixed itsself. in anycase, she doesn't fit into any of the catagories. and she isn't actually missunderstood so bad that she's an out cast.
  8. i can't see the image at all first off, she never cries over her pain. she takes it in as a challenge. and accepts that what ever happenes, happened for a reason. she looks to those trails and has a positive attitude toward them. they made her stronger and who she is. and no she wasnt an outcast to society becauase 1- She did become ruler of that area she was raised in, they grew acustomed to her differences and let it go. and even though she was diffwerent she was proud of it. she was proud of herself, and every pony knew it. her parents died because they were old.
  9. Hold on im rewriting my begining to the topic so you can see and anyone else who joins in the topic well they are magical, so it could be seen as a magic thing when it came to breeding?? go ahead and check the first post again- i may revise some of it but idk yet- my brain is superfried and so getting all im wanting the way i want it may be scrabbled
  10. i really like the fact that once there did exsist other alicorns, and for who knows how long theyve been gone, they still existed. the breed could have died because like in our own histories, there were many royalties that insisted they breed within roaylty rather then your commener. so it could be the reason why alicorns became less and less was because they breed outside other alicorns and soon spread the alicorn gene until it was a percent in every pony rather then full blooded wich is what im going after and with that logic, couldn't it have been possible the gene rose in my own oc?
  11. Heres what i have to say. -In the book The Journal of the Two Sisters, the Alicorns are implied to be a race or species of pony that the three main pony races are aware of. During the beginning of the book, Star Swirl the Bearded recognizes the filly versions of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as Alicorns, even though he had never met Celestia and Luna, thus implying that there were other Alicorns around during the "olden days" before the events of the series. -The Rainbow Power Playful Ponies toys include adult Alicorns called Princess Sterling and Princess Gold Lily, packaged respectively with Fluttershy and with Pinkie Pie. In mid-May 2014, M.A. Larson wrote on Twitter "Come on, two days into the hiatus and they've already spoiled Princess Sterling AND Princess Gold Lily?!? There go my first two episodes." - Celestia has a cousin named Léon, a four-year-old Alicorn. - For the record, there are numerous 'minor' royals across the human world, I see no reason why that shouldn't be the case for Ponies too. and thats just a itty bitty bit of shtuff that suggest more then the four alicorns
  12. hehe with that logic... sure! however, it seems to me that they are setting it up to be more then... the four princesses....
  13. Wich all she has! in fact far harder trials then most! and she is an exemmplary model to society, They need her, and rely on her where she comes from, and she plays an important role, its just not given at this time. and by your standards, she over qualifies XD
  14. i might as well. i don't like pictures! your page says u are a guy.... I CONFUSED!
  15. i know you are just trying to help, but that came out- brash- or rude.... you could have said that.... much differently- Like " i don't quite understand what you mean, but, maybe your understanding of cannon is a little off, maybe do some more research?"???????? also , istead of reason NOT to make an alicorn, you could have said, "well, put itnto consideration, alicorns are not ment to be common, so if you do decide to do an alicorn, heres what you need to think about." blame hasbro or the writers then for making more alicorns then nessisarry. Because there is more then a two gods that keep the world inline. aka a set up for princesses/princes for mane things that keep the world in balance: a princess for love, friendship,leadership, dreams, and that really seems to open up the possibilities for more then.... two seems to me, that roles that keep the earth balanced like those listed above, are more open to having a princess become leader of that role. there is even a queen of greed, aka queen chrysalis, wich may then suggest more types of royalty then what the show shows at the current time. which means, although, yes alicorns should be more rare and actually have a purpose or serious role, (which is what im working on, of which you clearly didnt understand), you are wrong or clearly off, when it comes to cannon plot it'self. your assumption that i will not have a character that plays an important role, although could be assumed because of the entirety or others decisions, is not accurate and the fact that you over looked it entirely, because, 1 only celestia and luna should exist, 2 anyone who creates an alicorn does not do a well job, 3 they are always overpowered and 4 they usually have meaningless roles or plots, therefore means that somehow, you are right and that mine will therefore, never be accepted, anmd that, should it be accepted, it would therefore be only that of maybe 1-5% of the bronies. i do, however, thank you for telling me what it means to be an alicorn, as i will definatly put those in to perspective while i create my Alicorn. however, keep in mind when giving future advice, that you keep an open mind . you came very much across as a closed minded person who looked down on me for creating an alicorn. my alicorn knows all 52virtues by heart, naturally, By exsperience and hard hard work. therefore, whos to say, she does not earn the title of an alicorn? she works soley for the greater good. Also, lauren faust's oc is an alicorn because she created a world where others could live using her talents. Thats how my oc is, she creates worlds, and imagination in a world that is darkened by other's negativity. she bring hope and light, laughter, and everything you could ever dream for to those who need it:) and she does a FINE job at it.
  16. she thats more what i want to put into my own oc. i want hr to really reflect me and i want her to be relatable and not your typicl do goodr.... ive struggled for years with evrything that should have killed me, but im strong, and i keep going and i bring others up, and i lead them vn when im barley keeping myself up. i bring happiness to others through my artistic talents and i bring my imagiination to life to srve othrs, so i rally want to iincorperate that into her, my nw oc. srry for the spellinjg, this laptop's keys are screwy.
  17. Ive done most of my oc's as either of the mane three, so i know them quite well, and i find that her skill is indeed something a little more off to the side, and she definatly wouldnt adress herself as royalty and would interact quite simply like any other pony, just with a unique gift. an admin says this got moved so hold on see now thats cool, but studing would most definatly be required so most wouldnt even touch on it
  18. i sdidnt think about that- going behind the scences so to speak! Yea I was thinking of giving her the rold as a princess, or my case, queen mother, and the wings would be strong enough to carry her with ease and her magic at a normal unicorn's power. none of that lame op stuff. i want to roleplay as her, but she would have normal unicorn magic and pegasus gifts so to speak. oih- i feel like i make no sense.... aka i want to be a unicorn with wings... YES! but is mother over all the creations she makes...????? oih... now i lost my own self! I agree! I feel they need to have earned that right or power to properly have been named Alicorn or so. my alicorn powers are not near that powerful! Nope. i have no need for it. i only need to control the north star, and have enough magic to bring happiness and smile to ponies through my talents. Much similar to lauren fausts oc. See now thats where i can agree, as long as they rightfully earned the tilte, and only use the power when its dire etremes then sure, but, yes for the most part, i would be a talented unicorn. and many flaws would be included as any normal person/pony would have, though the reason why im so gifted is because i have high functioning autism wich only allows me to focus on what i love the most! so i falter alot in everything else except the trials ive been through- and since ive been through so much im actually considered a leader now place those in the alicorn and you get a perfectly flawed and imperfect alicorn.... yes? My bad- Can you send me the link to the new place?
  19. I knopw chances are like next to none, and i have created a slightly altered world, because, ya know we can, but at the same time it would be nice to know what the rules are for being an alicorn, i figure it can't be all that difficult, right?
  20. So i have a question. the question will be asked after a quick breifing/..... so its a big thing to be an alicorn. aka awesome OP powers and the likes- aka really annoying because EVERPONY is one so it seems. I've tried to avoid being an alicorn for my oc's because its so over used, so , lectured by friends. and i can see what they mean, simply, you'd have to earn the right to be an alicorn by certain means or other. you just arn't born to be one- are you? can alicorns created by fans be cannon because of whatnot? or do they have rules they have to get to so not EVERYpony is one???? on that note, Lauren Faust's oc is an alicorn because she created the show that is widely known and was known as the mother of it. I am thinking of making my newest oc,North Star an alicorn. does that work, or does their need to be an absolute rule to follow???? see the thing is Ive always wanted to fly and lead the way of those lost, since i myself was lost, and ive gone through everything, from domestic abuse, miscarrages, bulling, suicide, all that, and yearning for hope and a light, much similar to myself, but i want the magic to bring what i create to bring light and hope to those who see it as well.... and im putting those trials, and tribulations into her character development into an alicorn. Backstory: she was born into a Royal family, toward the end of their reign, known as the Holy, who helped shaped the planet which most of us havn't acknowledged. When the holy where developing the skies, and even before luna was learning to raise the moon her self for the first time, a new star, called the North star was born. thats when North, came into play, though many centeries later, as the holy where of the most ancient and longest lifespans recorded. The alicorn known as the mother of the galaxies, and last ruler of the holy, gave birth to her in her last years, and gave her the name North and the duty to watch over those who were lost . her mother died of old age and sent North at a young age, in the care of some unicorn breed that no longer exists, and in a place that most ponies had never seen an alicorn before. this is what North's body looks like, thin legs, agile and slender and feathers hoofs and a tail exactly as depicted in the picture above. she earned her cutie mark when she began to serve those lost scared and beginning to loose hope in everything during a dark war that waged early in discord's rein. there were many who scoffed and laughed and beat her because of her wings as she grew up,and any pony that knew of alicorns, only knew that they only existed in a faraway land called equestria and that they were roaylty only. . she went through hell and back because of her difference, but she stood her ground proudly and didn't whine or cry over the pain. instead she looked at it with insight, and took life as a challenge to become better. she believes that what ever happned, good or bad, happened for a reason, and that in time it has made her a stronger pony., and while she went through ever trial imagined, including, but not limited to, loosing those closest to her, trauma, abuse, bulling, loneliness, war and the weight of everypony relying on her to get the job done, she was found still serving those she knew could benifit and find happiness and a life full of peace once again. she take pride in herself, even though she's different and even though there were at times, ponies who didn't accept her difference. she never cries over her pain. she takes it in as a challenge. and accepts that what ever happened, happened for a reason. she looks to those trails and has a positive attitude toward them. they made her stronger and who she is. Other: Despite being an alicorn, the only magic she actually carries is not all great and powerful. I don't believe that because you have wings and a horn that it automatically means you have super powers+ Nope. Powers : she can create something, either by her words, by her drawings , or by the crafts she makes, and bring them to life to benefit others in bringing happiness to them. -it is pretty much restricted on what she can do, and really benefits the children and those alone the most, but is still very usefull and of great use in her role as royalty. - she can weave a tale and it will become so, but it again is very restricted! she can't say you will become rich and famous and it become so, but she can say you will find happiness, but only if you do these things and the pony has to choose for themselves whether or not it will be so. *when she weaves her tales, usually at night, she will create an illusion in the sky for all those there to see, and create, figures and scense to go with the story. - she can't cure major diseases or anything super big like that, but she can heal minor wounds and such, and do your typical average unicorn magic, with some specialties, like a little better then average illusion spells and creativity. - she has no "super nova kill every villain in one shot power" or mary sue blah shtuff, and infact has a difficult time defeating any villain with magic. she uses logic and reasoning rather then relying on her magic to get it done. -however, if any thing she creates or says is created in greed, selfishness or anything that can be harmful or is selfish, it can't be done. - she developed all of what was described and more advanced magic and knowledge over 1000 years into her existence!. so clearly it took her over many lifetimes to achieve it. she is currently so old she lost count, but looks like like she's just breached adulthood (thanks to her royal blood decent)