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  1. What are your thoughts on Season 5 so far?

  2. Ficta_Scriptor

    Post Your Collection

    Here's my current plushie collection! It might get even bigger depending on whether I can get hold of certain plushies in the future. (I really want Braeburn, Sombra, and Button's Mum, and possibly Spitfire and Soarin.) I do also have the first 3 volumes of the comic series, but I didn't think to take a photo of those.
  3. Okay, that's fair enough. I guess I'm not exactly qualified to give an informed opinion on the subject. Like I said, I've never been a fan of Digibrony and have only watched a couple of his videos. I was mainly drawn to discussions such as this because of someone who said they were annoyed at how Digibrony had been really negative recently (something that I found hard to take seriously since I always thought of Digi as not being harsh enough with his reviews) and then I stumble across this thread and find out that many other people feel the same way about him. I don't know, maybe I'm just
  4. Am I the only one here who finds it ironic that so many people have criticised Digibrony for being too nostalgic or holding older episodes in higher regard, only to then wail "I liked his older style better!" I think Digibrony is totally free to do whatever he wants to do. Honestly, I think he feels like he's been put on the spot too much, thanks in part to his overwhelming popularity. He went to great lengths to defend the writers and the show on multiple occasions, garnered applause from bronies and even some of the show writers for doing so, and now he's come to the conclusion that he d
  5. Surprise, surprise. I didn't like the season 4 premiere. *sighs* ;_;

  6. Here is a picture of all my plushies! As for which is my favourite... It's a really difficult choice. Applejack is my favourite pony, so she gets a mention. Derpy is big and fluffy; perfect for a cuddle! Luna (season 2) is beautiful and intricate. But then again, Fluttershy is so soft and adorable. I love stroking her tail... Honestly, I love them ALL, and I've given each and every one of them plenty of hugs. I even fell asleep once with Applejack and Pinkie nestled against my chest. I don't think I could pick a favourite. If I do get any more plushies, I'd love to get Applebloo
  7. I didn't mean to sound insulting, and I'm sure you don't genuinely treat your opinion as fact and look down upon other views as insignificant. It's just the way it was represented here that made it seem like it. I'll admit it would be a humongous task to collate a bunch of criticisms from across the board. (especially since you're trying to compare three entire seasons) An easier task would be to question whether it's the changes in season 3 that people call out as criticisms. Heck, you could even just focus on the 3 episodes that had significant character changes. (MMC, Keep Calm and Flutter
  8. Okay, I see what you've tried to do here, but this video relies far, far too much on using your own personal opinions as fact, and then makes an already tired claim because 'people think differently, therefore their brains can't handle change! Gosh, I'm so smart!' You simply cannot list a bunch of your most and least favourite episodes and then say, "Wow, season 2 is the best and season 1 is the worst! I know, right? I judged them fairly and everything!" I pretty much wanted to stop watching the video at that point, but I stayed with it. There were some episodes you said were good that I d
  9. I didn't like it when it was first announced and I still don't like it to this day. And after I was hugely disappointed in season 3 and EQG, the writers need to pull off something miraculous for me to continue to watch the show.
  10. In your first post on this thread you said, and I quote: The people bitching are just suffering form a huge case of nostalgia-goggles, aka "the old way is always better and any major change is always bad" That sounds like lumping people into one category to me. You've never seen me refer to all pro-Twilicorn supporters as a bunch of delusional hasdrones refusing to criticise the show in a warped display of 'love and tolerance.' What you posted is practically the equivalent. And saying "I specifically said people bitching about it," doesn't change that. And I did not 'ignore' the li
  11. You're lumping everyone who has issues with Twilicorn into one big group. I completely agree with you that some people were overreacting and spouting crap. I've spoken to a few Twilicorn haters on this site who I thought were utter morons. But what you're doing is taking one look at anyone who dislikes Twilicorn and instantly assuming them to be the same as those egotistical, arrogant, closed-minded people from your darkest memories. If you want to reference people like that, fine.Hell, I'll gladly make fun of them with you. But when you attribute that sort of behavior to anyone who criticises
  12. Different people want different things, and I don't think it's fair to say that 'everyone has done a 180.' There are still many bronies who don't like Twilicorn who want as little change as possible. Different people have different ideals for how they want Twilicorn to be handled. I don't think it's fair to lump every single person with Twilicorn issues into one group of the exact same mindset. Different people have different feelings about it, and some things bother some people more than others. Some people have no problem with the wings, but have a problem with her title, while for some it i
  13. But the main character from Chuck didn't become chairman of the FBI. That's the issue most of us have. If Twilight attaining the highest known rank in all of Equestria doesn't change much then it'll feel like there was no point in even giving her that title in the first place. Of course, none of us have seen season 4, so I could very well be missing something, but right now I can only go off quotes from writers and others involved. I kind of disagree on many points. I can personally say that my personality has changed greatly over the course of my life, and if I became one of the m
  14. Every time I hear more about season 4 I deflate a little bit. "We're not changing anything." "Twilight will be the same." "Just a couple of new responsibilities." No. I for one want some significant changes. My interest in the show has waned somewhat since I joined the fandom, whether it's due to a drop in writing quality (debatable) or just stagnation, a once awe-inspiring show that's lost some of its charm over the years. When Twilicorn was announced, I wasn't too happy. It wasn't the direction that I'd hoped for. But after thinking about it for a while, I considered that this cha
  15. Yes, this is a big part of it for me too. Watching over The Crystal Empire, Magical Mystery Cure and Equestria Grils again, Celestia really does come across as manipulative and disrespectful. In The Crystal Empire she gives the task of defeating Sombra specifically to Twilight, (no pressure. You just might get killed) and then backtracks when Spike is the hero and makes up some on-the-spot moral so that Twilight can pass the test. Yeah, nice one Celestia. In Magical Mystery Cure, she sets up an almost 'Mouse Trap'-esque series of events with a tacked on explanation about why this makes
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