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  1. Thank you! <3 I can't wait 'till I have time to do the next pony song! <3
  2. *dips her muzzle* Och, thank you so much! <3
  3. Och, thank you so very much! <3
  4. In honor of tomorrow's episode, "Somepony to Watch Over Me".... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSPz9TwktqE (Yes, there are a couple places at the end where I sang louder than the system could handle, ("clipping" to the audio-tech-savvy crowd,) but I figured, "What the hey, it's a live recording and it's just for fun." ) ~Dream ___________ "Someone to Watch Over Me" © 1926 George and Ira Gershwin Parody sung by Amadhia (#Dreamsong)
  5. Thank you, Mr. Leader of the Brony Music Directory! (That was the feel for which I was striving: a kind of quiet, private lament for the verses that evolved into a more and more intense reverie at each successive chorus... pulling back into a more private introspection for the next verse as I've heard done in some Broadway numbers. I'm glad you feel that crazy little experiment was successful!) <3
  6. *ponders* Hmmmm... "Flat tone"... that could mean note-wise, volume/dynamic-wise, or perhaps the choice of emotional delivery....? Reaching... trying to see what you mean... I could possibly see that there may be too much compression on the lead vocals reducing the perception of dynamic/emotional variance.... Perhaps if you could go into more detail than a few sentences it might help future productions I have to engineer myself? (I'm a singer, not an engineer, and the engineer from the label I'm signed-with gave his seal of approval on this personal/fun track. But I know there's nothing done so well that it can not be improved-upon -- even in such a subjective arena as music! Every bit of truly constructive criticism helps to make the next projects even better! )
  7. Thank you so much! (And thank goodness the writers have made that decision!) *hugs* I know... when TheFreal approached me with the concept I was like, OMGosh... wow! I've got to make time to do that song! I've tried to make sense of what you've written, but it's so vague and nebulous I have a difficult time inferring any constructive criticism from it. Can you expound, and be specific as to what you feel needs to be changed to improve your own personal listening experience?
  8. https://pony.fm/tracks/1903-queridasamigas-dearestfriends ...Nearing the end of her first thousand years as ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle finds herself returning more often to the fields and hills outside what was once Ponyville - her home. Remembering her earliest years and the dearest friends who will forever live within her heart. Queridas Amigas (Dearest Friends) I can still remember, how we used-to be; Friends forever, element bearers – You were a part of me. All of our adventures; Together we were one. Now that it's over, all that I'm left with: The light of moon and sun. Queridas amigas, live in my heart. Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun. Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. Daily I remember, every laugh we shared; Troubles we faced, dreams that we chased, You were always there. All those days are over, in loving memory. Mustn't be sad, never forget Our years of harmony. Queridas amigas, live in my heart. Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun, (and the moon). Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. Your spirits always with me when I raise the sun; I couldn't without you, thinking about you And how we had begun. Queridas amigas, live in my heart! Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun. Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. ------------------------------------ It is not the most popular of concepts, "Immortal Twilight," but when TheFreal approached me with the first draft of the lyrics of "Princess Forever," (a parody of "Viva Forever" by Spice Girls,) it struck me to the core of my heart. A very long time ago, I lived on the edge of the Alaskan frontier, several miles north of Fairbanks. My team of six wonderful sleddogs and I saved one-anothers' lives countless times on our adventures into the wilderness. That was my Ponyville. As years passed, I watched as one-by-one my own dearest friends, my own Mane6 grew old and passed-away in my arms. So... popular or no, I can relate. -------------------------- QUERIDAS AMIGAS (Dearest Friends) (A parody of "Viva Forever") Lyrics by TheFreal and Amadhia Performed by Amadhia (Dreamsong) Featuring Malstorm on Guitar, Drums and Bass Featuring Lilypad on Harmony Vocals
  9. Thanks so much, Obsidian! <3 (I've been working on so many things I've not had the time to post anything in a long time!) Thanks again for the note!
  10. We'll be posting another casting call announcement once the script for ep04 begins to be finalized... We look forward to having you audition! -Dream Thanks so much! Knowing that you've done voice-work for our other community, I'm really looking forward to hearing you audition -- there's a part that I'm curious to hear your take on! ...But... that of course will have to wait now that the bowstring is being pulled taught with the arrow unseen! -Dream (T.S.m.)
  11. Hi everypony, I'm so sorry to have gotten your hopes up about auditioning for the next episode of Equestria: Hidden History, but after doing a _lot_ of polishing on the script and the short arc that carries us into the heart of the drama, the most gripping way of telling the story is to hold-off introducing any new characters until episode 04. ...The good news, is that I've got my own personal dragon... my own personal Spike... as a military and historical consultant on this section of the script; and with his input, this "eye of the storm" has become far more powerful than I'd ever imagined! The story is about to just explode! Thanks for your patience, and I look forward to having you audition for the new characters that will be making their entrance next episode! (Auditions for episode 04 will take place in early December!) All the best! -Amadhia "Dreamsong"
  12. Thanks for your interest in the show, Suitaloo! (Love the icon and the name, BTW!) The episode's script is still in revision at the moment, (still exploring which episode in which the next set of characters will be introduced, and solidifying their personalities and their lines). -- I'm slating a rough lock on the script for the 12th which is when I'll be able to post the lines! I hate to keep you in suspense 'till then, but... thanks for being patient and thanks again for your interest in being part of the show! <3 -Dream
  13. Equestria: Hidden History episode 03 Casting Call! [NO NEW CHARACTERS INTRODUCED IN EPISODE 03] Join us as we continue this epic journey into a forgotten history of our beloved Equestria! ------------------------------------- After hammering-away at the script to get the best, most powerful telling of the arc that spans the next three episodes of EQUESTRIA: HIDDEN HISTORY, I'm afraid that I've got to announce that there will not be any new characters introduced in episode 03. Thank you, everypony for your interest in the show! It means so much to us that you wish to be a part of this wonderful, epic journey! Keep your eyes peeled for casting for episode 04 in early December! Thank you again! -Amadhia "Dreamsong" writer/director/producer - Equestria: Hidden History (#EqHH) ------------------------------------- Air-date for episode 03 currently slated for Saturday, December 14th. ------------------------------------- Episode one: "A Thousand Years Ago" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrXLIBi5L6k Episode two: "Alliances" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KGgo0ORGc4 Watch all the episodes at: http://YouTube.com/SilverPonyPlayers
  14. Equestria: Hidden History episode 02 - "Alliances" Casting Call! ROUND 1 CLOSES ON 1.JULY, 2013 Watch all the episodes at: http://YouTube.com/SilverPonyPlayers