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  1. Let me list some: -My IQ is 141, above 99.9% of humanity -I have reverse-engineered the laws of the multiverse without ever reading the theory. I have also managed to determine that everything exists, has existed and will exist in any way shape or form due to the laws of logic itself. -I think like The Doctor. Really. -I talk like The Doctor too, occasionally. -I don't care about race, sexuality, religion or anything. -I am learning to produce music and I am learning it FAST. -I am Dutch but my English is flawless, without any "foreign" accent. -I have managed to guide a YouTuber fr
  2. What is this pegasus flight file I keep hearing about? I can't find it, could anyone link it?
  3. Dubstep, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Electro, Drum and Bass, Breaks, etc. Any Bass Music genre track that is original and well-produced. Preferable with strong emotions and unique sound design.
  4. Pegasus is very appealing, but I'd go with Unicorn no doubt. Why? Well, magic seems to simply be channeling of a certain internal energy. There is an absolute fuckton of energy in matter (enough in a glass of water to power manhattan for a week), so I'd guess Unicorns are able to process a very small amount of ingested matter into energy. This process takes time, so it is possible to dry out your supply and need to recharge. The thing is, it is just pure energy. With enough knowledge of the universe (me), practical problem solving (me) and a nick for technology (me), it would become possible t
  5. Chris, you have joined the ranks of the strangest effects. You see, you are experiencing abrupt amnesia. Amnesia should not be an effect caused by this hypnosis. The file does not tell you to get amnesia or anything, but it still does happens. You quite literally, but not negatively lose your mind. This should not be possible. There's been a few others here who also "lost their mind" (to a pony), there's one who got a disembodied tulpa and a severe headache too. There's been some other strange happenings too. Thing is, I joined this thread halfway through where we are now, and before I joined,
  6. hey dude its been a while!

  7. Say, could anyone dig up the OC files? I've found the pastes (links were lost), and I've heard of people on hypnoponies using OC files, but I haven't been able to find them through extensive searching. Could anyone find them, does anyone have them on their HDD or something?
  8. A complete jerk would be taking it a bit far, as she learned her lesson and probably now has lots of friends, but a little bit of spidey-like anti-hero-ness would fall in place well, just not being a complete jerkface. She'd be a pretty kind and friendly person with a bit of a cynical touch and a tendency to look at situations in a bit of a spiderman-like way.
  9. The PON3 we are talking about has indeed ripped off some Skrillex songs (see "Kill Dem" and "Ragga Bomb"), but I think he's doing that to gauge and grow his skills. Replicating and attempting to improve on another artist's sound is a common way of growing your skill as a producer. That's why PON3 makes amazing tracks that aren't ripoffs, like "Wub a Dub Dub" or "Vinylicious".
  10. And this is why YT needs to SERIOUSLY change its copyright business. Sure, there can't be people to deal with every average joe's copyright problems, but there are many people who rely on YouTube for a living, give YouTube a large portion of the money in the process, and in return, get fucked over by YouTube. Entire huge channels were taken down for "copyright strikes", everyone's monetization is being disabled because of "suspicious click activity" and if two or three assholes decide to flag your videos, good luck. These have huge results, but what do you get when you seek help? A robot! An a
  11. "I HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT TELEPORT BREAD FOR 3 DAYS" BREAD I LOVE BREAD SO MUCH. NEED BREAD NOW. I was at school camp when the post came around, but I'll be there for the update.
  12. The reason we are not all dead, is that there is an infinity of earths where the guy DID kill all of us, but also an infinity where he didn't. The later infinity, however, is larger. Let me explain that: The chance of an omnipotent being developing in a universe is way lower than the chance of that not happening, simply because many more variables would be involved. Also, a being like that would have to stick with the laws of his universe, so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be able to cross dimensionally kill everything. And if he were to travel to a different dimension, it would just be one in th
  13. Let me do something very simple here. We have an infinite multiverse. Why? Because nothing cannot exist. There always has to be somehing. Where there is no air or anything at all that we currently comprehend, there is still the fabric of space-time. The multiverse is thus infinite. Now, with an infinite multiverse, we can do this: Inifnity X Probability = Everything. Everything exists, has existed and will exist in every single possible way, shape and form. Congratulations, there is an infinity of different universes with ponies in them, each with their own small or large differences, but
  14. Meh, I don't really care too much about that possibility. Wander Over Yonder proves that Disney can let us have good stuff, so if something is already good in a way that would suit Disney (coughMLPcough), it'd probably be just fine. And yeah, I watched all of Wander Over Yonder in one afternoon. I need more now.
  15. Guys, we are talking about the internet here. No matter what fandom you are in or what it is about, there will always be some people that just don't agree and those are almost always vocal. It's that simple and I've learned to deal with it.
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