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  1. I need to be more active on this forum.

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      I will soon become rather unactive myself.. When the summer comes I might only go on the forum too maybe reply to statuses. I will probably not be on it everyday, I will try though.

  2. I support twilicorn. I don't like anything else about Twilicorn except for Twilicorn itself. Not the episode or how it was introduced.
  3. I'M BACK! (and this time it's on my own computer)

  4. I'm the type of heartless sociopath/psychopath that would banish my siblings away for thousands of years > I think it's a good idea to keep me away from positions of power. I think Celestia still had control over the elements back when the Nightmare Moon thing was going down, so if the elements could purify her in the pilot, why couldn't Celestia do that a thousand years ago?
  5. ty·rant [ trənt ] absolute ruler: an absolute ruler who exercises power cruelly and unjustly authoritarian person: an unjust and oppressive exerciser of authority ancient Greek ruler: in ancient Greece, a ruler who took control of a state without legal sanction and governed with absolute power By definition, Celestia is not a tyrant. I think we can all agree on that. troll [ trōl ] drag baited line through water: to fish by dragging a baited line through water, or from the back of a boat moving slowly troll in one area: to troll a particular area, or for a particular type of
  6. Overthinking things is fun. You should see some of the Pokemon conspiricies, they're even more far-fetched (or really, just awesome, outside the box thinking). But yeah, you are reading too much into it, there is nothing wrong with that though. Mind if I do use that as a fic idea? I never thought of that. Perfect idea for a fanfic there; unicorns once know how to raise the sun and moon, but the practice was lost over the years once the princesses took over. Overthinking for the win! "alicorn master race", not "earth pony master race" You're doing it wrong. But in
  7. You seem to be missing to the point of my topic; this was saying that it is possible that Luna raising the moon and Celestia raising the sun can be untrue, that is was a lie of sorts for them to get power.
  8. A few weeks ago I there was a small discussion on the nations of the show's world on /mlp/. I can not remember exactly, but one anon brought up a point that the whole Luna raises the moon and Celestia raises the sun thing could be false (similar to how ancient rulers would claim to have divine and magical powers). Can't think of much more to say, so what do you think?
  9. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/03/editorial-currency-in-equestria.html Eqd did this editorial on it. Amazing how good this is compared to their journalism. I will say that this conversion is likely flawed, as there is a difference in price between imported goods (which is the reference for .this editorial) and hoof-grown goods. But yeah, this is pretty much the only reference for this I have. Enjoy. Also, I was taking what you said literal, though it was probably a joke.
  10. Lokey


    I never got into poetry, I write Fanfiction, and general stories. I wouldn't reccomend it, the community is mean, but cool once you get into it. If go on any board and say you're new, practically to only thing they'll say is GTFO. Most f the rule are broken on a daily basis; no trolling/flaming outside of /b/, no talk of raiding other sites, make quality posts, etc. I never made intros on any of the other forums I used, you I know how you feel. I never tried RP before. May do that some day. Good thing I have a person to go to for it now.
  11. It is just a figure of speech, think about flame wars; they are petty argument that, at best, only hurt feelings. Yet they are still called wars. If people panic, it only shows their immaturity; this the internet, where many things are exagerated for the sake of comedy.
  12. Hmm, Lauren Faust wanted Twilight to become an alicorn? I hate to be rude, but a citation is needed. I am certain that she wanted her to be a princess, not an alicorn. It seems that to the writers, "alicorn" is synonymous with "princess".
  13. In my opinion, the Twilicorn situation is immature, but the people that are not content with alicorn Twilight (like me) have legitament reasons for not liking it, or feeling it should not have been done. I would go in to detail as to why I am not supporting Twilicorn, but this isn't the topic for it. All I'll say is the least they could have done is keep it secret until the episode aired. (Seriously, who does Hasbro's marketing?)
  14. Lokey


    I'm Lokey (as you could [probably] tell), I'm just another person on the internet that likes ponies. There isn't much to tell about myself, I like writing, and making (video) games, and I'm not good at anything besides those two things. I got interested in MLP from people hating on bronies on a Minecraft page (long story), and did research on bronies and MLP and decided to give the show a chance. Got hooked after that, and this ride never ends. I use /mlp/ and 4chan in general, and it's not as bad as most people say. Just another mesed up place to have fun. This is not the fir
  15. It seems that the nature of copyright infringement as applied to song parodies varies, as per the variance between the original lyrics and the modified lyrics. This would also explain why, out of CaptainSparkles' 4 parodies, only Minecraft Style has come under legal fire. Back on topic, since I can't listen to music at the moment, can someone clarify whether or not Babs Seed is actually a parody of Bad Seed? Even if it is, I doubt it is similar enough for legal actions. (May have just answered my own question there)
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