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  1. Nice that's what i do at times i hate those boring parts
  2. Nice you are fast even with reading
  3. Hey looks like we have the same hair color and skin color

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    2. WinterFreeze


      hey i will never copy someone :) and i think your blue color is darker than mine to.

    3. Krystal


      You might be right there too. Still, we are dangerously close.

    4. WinterFreeze


      ya i know but did you draw that pic of your oc (krystal) as a human?

  4. Really how fast do you read them? like how many days does it take you to finish a book?
  5. Hello it is nice to meet you i see we like the same element and as you can see my name is Winter Freeze and welcome

  6. Probably but books are fun sometimes like 'daring do" , but im not much of a reader but i like to read a book from time to time . Do you still read "Daring Do" or are you done with the series
  7. Winter says good bye to stormy and Stephan and Gets his frost army and heads back to the artic and closes the crack and once again the ice kingdom is hidden and Winter takes off his hoof blade and hoof pad and goes back to cryo sleep and wait for him to be awoken again for any friend or war stuff and the frost army heal themselves for any emergency
  8. Winter says to the frost army "freeze your hoofs to the ground while the tornado passes by" when the tornado passes Winter tells the frost army "unfreeze Your hoofs and get back to battle" Winter runs up to nearest changling and cuts its throat with his hoof blade and he says "Man i have missed this" then goes on killing the changlings
  9. Well if you can fight i wont stop you Winter trots out and sees stormy and starts to help him out he freezes some changelings and breaks them and sees a large group of chamgling at a distance and he presses a button and a cryo bomb comes down and freezes them all. then Winter goes over and breaks them all with his hoof blade
  10. Winter Comes over and Freezes the changlings and picks up Stephan and fills his cuts with ice to stop the bleeding "this may sting a bit". Winter says and takes him to the nearest house and puts him on a bed and right before Winter leaves he tells the owner of the house to take care of Stephan
  11. Winter flys to ponyville and tells the frost army to go attack and to avoid the mechs. While winter is fighting he sees Stormy in the background fighting some changlings then Winter kills some changlings and trots to stormy. "What have i missed my friend" Winter asks Stormy .
  12. Winter looks at his hoof pad and sees "its time" he puts on his hoof blade and walks to his balcony and flys to the top of the ice kingdom suddenly in ponyville all the ponys feel the ground shaking and in the Arctic the ground breaks open to reveal the ice kingdom. Winter trots out of the blizzard and behind him is the legendary frost army
  13. Hahaha that's funny why was she trying to do that?
  14. Winter Freeze is sleeping in his cryo tube and he is dreaming that something drastic is happening then Winter suddenly wakes up and feels a bit of a deja vu. Winter gets out of the cryo tube and and trots out to his ice castle balcony and looks to the top of his ice kingdom and thinks about his dream. Then looks deep in to the ice of his kingdom and feels more deja vu.
  15. Hello my name Winter Freeze and i am part of this role-play