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  1. Whenever I'm in a good mood, I always ask myself how long it's gonna last. :S

  2. It said I had a comment from you, but there was nothing there....... Are you a ghost?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fanned


      Then how did it disappear? o:

    3. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      Ghosts, aliens, or Ghost Aliens.


      Or Alien Ghosts.

    4. Fanned


      What about Cowboy Alien Ghosts?

  3. Why do you keep viewing my profile. I don't like it anymore. .-.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nohbdy


      Absolutely :)

    3. Fanned


      Even though it doesn't appear it, this is actually very awkward.

    4. Nohbdy
  4. You've been edgy lately. :S

    1. Champion RD92
    2. Fanned


      Do you have anything against me? I feel like I've really been annoying you to the point you're disliking me. :A

    3. Champion RD92
  5. If you look carefully, it looks like the pony in the banner has only one leg.

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    2. Fanned



      Lol I'm glad I'm back too, if that sounded right. xD


      925 warning points is enough. :S

    3. Diamond*


      925 warning.. points? O_O...

    4. Fanned



      The more you have, the better. ;)

  6. Anyone know any fanfics where there's badass fillies with guns and explosions?

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    2. Misty Rose

      Misty Rose

      It's not really spending I just look up violent filly fics on Google.

    3. ~StatesTheOblivious~


      I bet there is a NSFW one somewhere...

    4. Fanned



      But you're still putting acTUAL EFFORT INTO IT OMGGG


      Yeah, I've found them and read them before. :>

  7. For some reason I got another welcome PM from the Mailmare. :S

    1. Eureka


      I got one also :D

    2. Remi


      Does it say:


      If you pull this type of shit again it's not going to be a good welcoming back from me.

    3. RainbowASHdash
  8. Over 500 notifications? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

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    2. Eureka


      Either is fine XD

    3. Remi




      Yeah, aftermorrow.

    4. Eureka


      That's good xD


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    2. Sir.Flutter Hooves

      Sir.Flutter Hooves



      You don't like bacon brah? What's wrong with you?

    3. Fanned


      I just never appealed to it that much. :A

    4. Sir.Flutter Hooves

      Sir.Flutter Hooves

      It's find, I won't judge ya.

  10. That mare version of Shining you showed at the end was really.. amazing. xD

    1. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      Yeah she is cute

    2. Fanned


      They should've totes had it like that


      And have Cadance the guy lolol

  11. y u leave PM?? >:(

  12. OMG International Cheesecake day is only 5 days away!!! OMGGG who else is super-excited!? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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    2. Accellerant




      So Feld0 confirmed for being a living roll of cheesecake, yes?

    3. Marcato
    4. Accellerant




      Confound you Silver! I'll still salvage something out of this, mark my words...

  13. I randomly clicked your name out of the huge list of people at the bottom of the site. How does this make you feel?

    1. Mr.Brony


      I guess it was meant to be

  14. Make sure there's fillies somewhere in the story You always need fillies.