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  1. Uh, yes plz. Although, don't know too much about a guy wearing them but I'm not one to keep someone from being happy. Also,
  2. Well, my name is Mackenzie...And I'm a guy so I guess the obvious answer would be Mackenzie if I was a chick. Though, Evelyn sounds nice.
  3. Yes and I've done pretty good with it. I've kinda stepped away from doing it besides my own videos and dubbing over my own voice (Speaking through a helmet isn't exactly the best). I just haven't found any projects that seem worth voicing for. And, any time I do get cast, the project drops off. Also, uh, fantastic thread revival
  4. I was a naughty child who didn't know how to properly brush his teeth which equaled a few cavities so I'm a bit anal about brushing and flossing now (I get really anxious if I even think about passing out on my bed before brushing). I go every 6 months now rather than the 2 years I took between going. I hated my old dentist and that was the biggest reason why I didn't like going. My new dentist, however, is way better and tends to freak me out a lot less.
  5. These Samsung front facing cameras are wack
  6. I'm a big fan of Guinness. Although, I've been drinking a variety of whatever the Alaskan Brewing Co. brings out. Their Winter Ale, a limited season brew, being my recent binge go-to.
  7. The new James Bond trailer is amazing. Can't wait for it.

  8. You do you. I've shaven my legs multiple times because I was bored. I got lucky and am pretty hairless, minus legs, which is why I have grown to not like body hair. If you shave properly, you should not have much irritation. Warm water, shave cream, and not adding any unnecessary force to the razor should be fine. If I'm doing anything wrong then I must have been blessed by the shave gods because I've never had any irritation and/or ingrown hairs.
  9. This is most definitely it. One of the few things that helped me not be that depressed, weird kid that I was in middle school when I switched into my high school years. Wasn't my first introduction into electronic music but Avicii and Swedish House Mafia are the ones who made me embrace it.
  10. Ha! No. I wasn't paying $60 to go to prom at my high school with a circus theme to it. I stayed in and worked on my car. Much better experience.
  11. Put a bunch of shaving cream in their hands and tickle their face with a feather
  12. I don't think I missed out too much on the fandom. I was definitely there during its 'golden era' since I joined in early 2011. I did miss out on conventions since I'm in Alaska and was too young to think about going. Although, I'm not too muffed about the conventions because conventions are usually sweat fests. No offence.
  13. I usually take showers because it's quick and painless. If I use a bath, it would be because of certain scenarios like if I went dirt bike riding, got muddy and hit the ground a few times. Sore bodies like to soak, haha.