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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Any fandom is bound to have furries but that does not make them a part of the furry fandom. Also,
  3. I heard there's going to be a legit festival there. And, if all goes well, it'll become a yearly thing. The first meme-made festival about a bunch of dudes wanting to find some alien babes. Nice.
  4. You tryna find out who to rob or what? -Drivers License -University I.D -My old high school I.D -Some motorcycle suppliers card -Bank Members card -Debit card
  5. Life is Strange is so my aesthetic. I've played both LiS and Before the Storm and loved them. I've definitely cried finishing both of them. Funny because I finished Before the Storm at 3am with my roommate sleeping so I was silently sobbing for a few minutes. The music is definitely one of its strong points but the story is amazing. Before the Storm could be a tad less edgy since I cringe at some of the dialogue but it fits the character. Also, I can listen to this forever.
  6. ~186k miles for my 68 Moostang. Though, after restoration and rebuild, she's around 5k miles. '05 Kawasaki ZX6R has 37k miles.
  7. Finally cut my hair after waiting months to grow it out. If not, I would have had to shave it as not to get frosted tips from my white hair. You can still see a sliver of white, doe.
  8. Sorry, mates. Tom Ellis takes the cake.
  9. Kept rewatching the Lucifer Season 4 teaser for this until I was able to find the song by itself.
  10. Hi there, would you like to join the scavenger hunt?


  11. I've hit the limiter on my bike for a good bit, topping out at 167mph. The speed limit was 45. I would say "never do it, it's dangerous" As long as it can only effect you, and you know what you're doing, why not? Another run was only at 122mph in my 1968 Mustang. My drum brakes were in pretty bad shape beforehand so I let off.
  12. A good song to end the day, and to begin it.
  13. I pace a bit, usually when talking to myself. I swear, I'm not crazy.
  14. Well, here:
  15. I've got a lot but I'll put some of my more 'cute listening' stuff. Though, most of my stuff is easy on the ears. Izzard & Blankts - Threads St. South - Get Good Ashe - Moral Of The Story