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  1. Found some inspiration and made a synthwavey render of my motorcycle. It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would. If I were to ever produce a synthwave track, I'd definitely use it for the cover art, haha. Photo should be attached unless I messed something up.


    Sidenote: The background is not mine.


  2. I recorded a few chapters of Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift on Fimfiction a while ago. Never got around to putting it together. Here's an excerpt with my wack voice for Vinyl.
  3. where did you get that profile picture?

  4. I've actually left it on my phone for quite sometime. Gotten so use to it that I just leave it on.
  5. I've just dropped too much money into my motorcycle for this upcoming season. Worth it? Yes. Just can't wreck it for the upcoming track events, haha.

  6. 12 days, working 10 hours. Nice paycheck, though. It's about to happen again during Spring break. Dedicating those hours to getting my motorcycle repaired for summer.
  7. Recently got a 50/100 on a math test. One of the worst ones. Sucks because this one math class is preventing me from accessing my 300-400 level classes that I need to get my degree.
  8. Uh, yes plz. Although, don't know too much about a guy wearing them but I'm not one to keep someone from being happy. Also,
  9. Well, my name is Mackenzie...And I'm a guy so I guess the obvious answer would be Mackenzie if I was a chick. Though, Evelyn sounds nice.
  10. Yes and I've done pretty good with it. I've kinda stepped away from doing it besides my own videos and dubbing over my own voice (Speaking through a helmet isn't exactly the best). I just haven't found any projects that seem worth voicing for. And, any time I do get cast, the project drops off. Also, uh, fantastic thread revival
  11. I was a naughty child who didn't know how to properly brush his teeth which equaled a few cavities so I'm a bit anal about brushing and flossing now (I get really anxious if I even think about passing out on my bed before brushing). I go every 6 months now rather than the 2 years I took between going. I hated my old dentist and that was the biggest reason why I didn't like going. My new dentist, however, is way better and tends to freak me out a lot less.
  12. These Samsung front facing cameras are wack