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  1. I am still alive.

    1. Soundgarden


      Haven't seen you in a while, welcome back

    2. Wallroux


      Thanks, but I am not back yet, I just reassured you so that you don't have to look for me in the obituaries. You know, still an awful lot to do. I must read a few books on neurology and stuff.


    3. Soundgarden


      Alright then, good luck with that then

  2. Best profile img evur.

    1. Wallroux


      Thank ya, bro.

  3. Banned because it is not a real volcano, just Atlas' private bong.
  4. Banned because if the volcano erupted, then the whole planet would be covered in weed-smoke.
  5. Banned because Descolé est désolé.
  6. Banned becuse Feld0 has the longest birthday ever.
  7. Banned because I prefer lira to epic.
  8. Bro, your frozen lasagna almost froze the whole topic!
  9. Yes and no. Have you seen Shutter Island? You are like Teddy, but you think that you are Mr. Dash, while the truth is that you had a wife who killed your kids are Anthony and Fred at the same time. This place is real, just it isn't what you think it is. Just a scenery...And the mushrooms were just placebos. All in order to make you realise that you are not Mr. Dash. You never were.
  10. Uhm, I don't know, but Anthony may do.
  11. Dunno, ask Fred. He might know. Who is Fred, anyway?
  12. Nope, you are still evil, therefore, you can't do that.
  13. Gekoncze, you should be sleeping at 9 o'clock instead of havering here.
  14. Nope, this is Skotoprigonyevsk-16. Did Timofey Berezin do the right thing?