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  1. thank you so much :') you should create a skype And i can help you on fl studio and why not work together :3
  2. @@Krystal, If you need help whith fl studio just PM me you should create a skype account it is a good way to chat
  3. fl studio 10 no problem i can wait. Also can i add you on skype?
  4. I love your gifs can you make one with my OC?
  5. Thanks ^^
  6. Hi, my new song, hope you enjoy -ColdParadise-
  7. Hi guys that's my 2nd original song hope you like (i am an amateur) I appreciate some feedback thanks.
  8. I post the link again ^^ Thank you for your feedback ^^ @,Thank You
  9. Luna as a pet because is adorable and Rarity as a girlfriend becase she humanized is hot. ha
  10. on the same day i made the instrumental i watched Daring Do episode xD
  11. Here is my new song hope you enjoy. Basicly it's about Rainbow Dash dreaming about an Daring Do adventure. Give me some feedback and coment on youtube please. Cold Paradise
  12. Hello. I'm a new brony musican ( 3 mounths i guess) and i'm searching someone that want work with me, like a team. I think that's a good way to both get famous If you are interested please contact me on skype or P.M. me.
  13. I would like to join xD Skills: Piano 7/10 Fl Studio 5/10 Video Editing 6/10 Image Editing 5/10 I think i can do something.
  14. Hello i finished a music and i need a picture to that. i cant pay xD so it have to be free. Add me on skype and contact me please. ^^ Skype Name: DjColdParadise
  15. please help