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  1. Goodnight everyone!

  2. I need to make time to come on here more, been so busy. I miss talking to you guys.

    1. Dormant Phyrosite

      Dormant Phyrosite

      Hi ^^ i dont know you.

    2. ~ Piston ~

      ~ Piston ~

      See? That's why I need to come back lol

    3. Dormant Phyrosite
  3. Jeez, been so busy lately. Haven't been on here in ages! How's everyone been doing?

  4. Man, it's been a while. How's everyone doing?

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      great, and welcome back I guess :3

  5. I'm back from Niagara Falls! How's everyone been?

    1. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      I've been pretty good.

  6. I've wanted to be a couple things when I was younger, but mainly I wanted to work in the family business, house building. I still may do that, but right now I'm trying for a job in the automotive industry, being the total gear head that I am.
  7. I should probably get to bed, G'night everyone!

  8. ~ Piston ~

    MLP Trading Cards

    Welp, I got two more packs of cards today and found two Trixie standees. Not sure if I'm lucky or unlucky because I keep getting multiples of the rare cards, lol. Anyway, is anyone looking for a Trixie standee? I'll gladly trade my extra.
  9. Does anyone with Kik wanna chat?

  10. Well, I guess I'll go to bed. 'Night everyone.

  11. Feeling alot better today, thanks to everyone who helped cheer me up.

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