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  1. uuuugh I feel like this is gonna be a farmville fiasco all over again. First canterlot, then Appleossa and manehatten. and it'll run so slow no one can get anything done. and yet I play on. Gameloft ID is the same as here: Foxshadowp I gift everyday the app on my iPhone lets me. as for the heart collecting problem, instead of refreshing I just switch between 'gifts' and 'friends' it refreshes and lets you get another heart.
  2. Add me please! Foxshadowp I'm not a big fan of the rarity recolor... but I bought her anyway. Another pony to put to work. I was hoping for something a little more.... i dunno, fluffy.
  3. for some reason gameloft won't let me add friends! But it does let me accept requests. add me please! My ID is Foxshadowp please and thank you!
  4. I've done that, but I still don't see all of my friends when i go to invite. this is making me one sad pony. need more characters to post
  5. I can't add friends from GL to the game. Can anyone help me? I'm so confused. It's telling me 'you have no gameloft friends' when I try to invite from that list.
  6. Add me too! Foxshadowp just as it is here. I'm trying to get 25 more hearts to get scootaloo. more characters needed blah blah blah
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