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    Hi mlp pegs. and brony pleasedz to meet you. I love this club. photography, drawing, doodling,... and watching mlp
    shows. They r so awesome!!

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  1. whose hungry?? hello hello everyone, help yourself to our buffet...
  2. Hi and welcome EnderDave, well guess what??? u r .. a great addition to our club!! whose up for welcome party for our brony??
  3. Happy 4th to all :D!!!!!

  4. Happy 4th to all :D!!!!!

  5. Happy 4th to all :D!!!!!

  6. danced to jumba :D:D

  7. Sorry, I got confused with my thread ... the Hello hello... sorry sorry... HIYA friends!!!! Happy happy mlp day to alll plezd to meet you allll. Happy weekend to all
  8. Hi everyone.. check out my stand up to cancer thread and my hello hello my friends thread??? :D:D:D

  9. Thank you for the food "finally" Brony .... lets PARTY Peg.s and bronies... dancing and eating awesome tasting food!!!!! keep the food and music coming!!!! O, yeayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. what r u bringing??? we r waiting... get with it... blah blah blah blah blah
  11. add some food and music vid.s???? we r waiting??? whats the hold up up up up.....
  12. Yes... a PARTY!!! cocoa.. add some food to ur status!!! :D:D:D the huge chocolate cake I'll do..

  13. HI Scoot.. u r at a party!!! u forgot something???? thanx for joining in... welcome.. help urself to the food and rock on!!! enjoy yourself.. thanx for the welcome.. btw.. what drawing r u referring toooo??? totally puzzled look here??? :/ hummm thats not good. learning to express clean humorous jokes is a must??? :/