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    Gaming, FPS, just meeting up with people that enjoy the same intrests as me too bad for me the only brony that lives in my location is Grimlock and Chaotic Discord. I am a competitive Marksman and a proud supporter of the second amendment and if you are not keep it to yourself because the differnce between fact and fiction is the constitution Long live America, long live the republic and long live Equestria!

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  1. People, looking for some PS4 players ova here! 2.2 k/d with a 600rpm and over 65 service stars for both my engi class and M4 carbine rifle really looking for some tryhards to rip things up with HERE COME THE BRONY PAIN TRAIN WOOT WOOT! PSN: Waynside
  2. 12 hours no problem 24 hours, kinda get the aches in my muscles, 48 hours I get paranoid about the weirdest things. not violent paranoid I just always think something is over my shoulder. and 72 hours idk I never tryed
  3. PSN is Waynside if you have PS4 or are getting one within Christmas add me
  4. Evil? no more like assertive dominance.....Join our ranks today![ Helghast or death!
  5. Hey everyone TJB here and I just made the awesome switch from xbox to sony platform. Killzone, COD and Battlefield are all truly awe shockingly beautiful and amazing with the new 64 player server we finally get what the pc players have been bragging about for some time now! anywho add me on the PSN Waynside is the name and for now until I can afford BF4 on PS4 I will only be playing it on PC and will only be playing killzone on ps4 for now Waynside for everything steam origin PSN and I got rid of xbox add me! I need buddies for my streaming!
  6. hello TheJackedBrony here, I was wanting to get into the voice acting position in this community for some time now but i dont know where to start in as far as getting my name out there and letting everypony know that i am actually wanting a role in fan fics. So if you are in need of a Deep male voice or Impersonations such as king of the hill Christopher Walking, and some others. Please hit up my Skype r0cky56 or hit up my youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/TheJackedBrony
  7. Actually i believe i could pull off a blue blood, farly well if i tryed. i cant do a female voice by any means but any deep male voice or a snewdy male voice i beleive i could immitate farly well I can also be a very powerful, naration voice as well. Skype is r0cky56 youtube is www.youtube.com/user/TheJackedBrony
  8. I would love to try out, i have a deep, movie narator type of voice and this sounds like something right down my allie. Skype is r0cky56 and my GT for steam and xbox is Waynside. my youtube is http://www.youtube.com/user/TheJackedBrony if you want i could produce a video with my naration voice
  9. Im using this as a video topic on my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheJackedBrony sorry i just like to talk and edit more then typing. check it out if you want, vid should be up tomorrow. if not to each there own
  10. TheJackedBrony

    General Do you smoke ?

    I dont know about you but. Save the lungs and rot the gums. Dipping and chewing tobacco is the only way i can see it sane to get your nicotine fix
  11. I deff agree with you, there needs to be some vilians in this series, because without any vilians there wouldnt be much of challenges to conqure in the new episodes
  12. IM going to try live streaming! http://www.twitch.tv/thejackedbrony

    1. Retro*Derpy


      Hey are you still trying it?

  13. yeah, if you have great gameplay and your on the xbox send it in! i realize that not everybody has an HDPVR so if you want to send it in i would be glad to use it, if you have great music send it in i would love to use it and give you credit and even if you have a fan fic story. hell I'll even read it! this community is teeming with talent right now so i want to help any who want to contribute!
  14. hey everypony! this is TheJackedBrony just wanting to let you know that I have started a channel for everything mlp from gaming and talking about forum subjects, to showing off that special piece of art. maybe you have some great gameplay yourself? if you play xbox maybe I could help you out? let me be clear this isnt my first rodeo, I have been doing youtube commentaries for years, but after bootcamp for the USAF I had a falling out of my subs so now im going to try again fresh! I want this channel to do so well because i have such a great future planned for it, i just purchased an HD
  15. hey i started a youtube channel for everything mlp! if your an artist story writer musician or a commentator of video games I NEED YOUR HELP!

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