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  1. no really. This is the loser bronie's wife. His really did hang himself and is dead. Hahaha, okay. I see, I see. I didn't realize.
  2. If you're intentionally trying to get yourself banned, this really is the most disgusting and abominable way to do so

    1. Hangman


      I really am dead.

    2. Annie


      having rape/murder/child molestation in your interests is fucking awful and your recent postings are nothing short of half-assed trolling.

  3. The pizza in the original post looks awesome. I go by the old saying "Pizza is like sex. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." I am down with most toppings but I don't like onions or tomatoes on it. The texture just ruins my vibe. I used to love Poppa Johns but their pizza has just been going down hill lately. It is starting to taste like chemicals or something. I will still eat it, just not my first choice. The gas station has these little personal pizzas and they are straight up the most delicious thing in the world. Bellaricos I think they are called. They have them all around the US
  4. I drink too much. I have bipolar disorder but I have learned how to control it better over the years. Well maybe not as much as I would like to seeing as how I drink a lot. That is about it though.
  5. I have a big issue with drinking. I love the feeling of being drunk but it makes everyone mad. I end up saying stupid things and doing stuff not within my character. I am working on slowing down. My girlfriend got really upset over it. Really, I love alcohol. I just love her more.
  6. I try to be good at everything I do. I am a really good welder and I hope that my fabrication skills get to the point someday where I can use it to work for myself making ornamental pieces that people get to look at and enjoy. To truly answer the question though, I wish I could play the banjo. I went out and bought one a while ago but I just don't have the dexterity for it. I tried to learn the darn thing but I finally sold it off to a kid who got to play with Charlie Daniels so I think that is pretty cool too.
  7. Hangman

    Movies/TV New series of Teletubbies.

    I always kind of liked that show. It was the sort of show where you could smoke a joint, sit back, and just zone out into.
  8. Hangman

    Movies/TV New series of Teletubbies.

    Anyone ever see this? The teletubbies sun baby is now a hot chick.
  9. Hangman

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    My eyes are fine. I am 100% colorblind though.
  10. I would like to help. I would consider myself as a consultant. If you want to send me the material before it hits the editors, I feel that I can save everyone a lot of time. I don't need to be credited, but I would like to be a part of this because I can tell it is going to be a big deal and I want it to be the best it can be.
  11. Hangman

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    You are hot.
  12. Hangman

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Me and my sister
  13. Hangman

    Movies/TV Any other Hiatuses?

    I am taking a lquor hiatus. My liver has been bothering me. Beer only for now until my liver heals up. Then it will be back to the races.
  14. This two parter was completely epic. Way to end season 4 with a bang! I don't think there is anything I would change about it. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
  15. Hangman

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I was up at the pub for my b-day. Oh and if we are on the manly thing. Here I am using a K12 saw.
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