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    I like to talk about a myriad of things with a plethora of people.
  1. Anachronous

    The user above you proposes, do you accept?

    Maybe, who knows? Your profile says you're a "hikikomori" and, as someone with a close friend who fits that archetype, maybe we'd get along alright.
  2. Anachronous

    The user above you proposes, do you accept?

    No, as I have commitment issues and feel that we're moving a bit too fast.
  3. Anachronous

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    [10/9/12 9:58:45 PM] Mr. Wobbels: Someone please post this:
  4. Anachronous

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Yeah, man. Chat thread.
  5. Anachronous

    Recent DDoS attack on the Forums, your reaction?

    haha oh wow what I missed the entire thing due to flagrant inactivity on my part. Commence the shunning I so obviously deserve.
  6. Anachronous

    If I beat a dead horse, would you go out with me?

    I'm not interested in your necrophiliac clopping desires, OP.
  7. Anachronous

    If Arylett were a girl, would you go out with her?

    Yeah, we could go get a latte or something, keep things casual.
  8. Anachronous

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Pictures everywhere. Wow.
  9. Anachronous

    What's Your I.Q. Score?

    I've got a pretty high IQ, legitimately tested and all that lot. It's 148, if my memory serves me well enough. I'm proud of it, honestly.
  10. Nothing stupid or comedic. I'd probably just spend my last seconds with my family or close friends like any honest, sane person would. I can assure that at least 50% of the replies in this thread wouldn't so much as be considered if Armageddon really dawned. haha It borders on unfunny how some of this responses are plainly trying to go for shock value.
  11. Anachronous

    Thoughts on Encylopedia Dramatica?

    I actually go on the site regularly and used to go to school with the guy who wrote the bulk of the "Life" article. It's an amusing little satirical archive of the Internet's underbelly and has a way of beating to death things that are easily exploited. It's not for everyone but if you have the sense of humor and stomach for it, it's a thoroughly comedic read. What's not understood is that they are literally indiscriminate with who or what they choose to parody. It's meant to push your buttons. If you let it, you're doing something horribly wrong. I happen to enjoy looking up articles on things I'm interested in. It's fun, I suppose, seeing something you're invested in totally debiliatated by some site.
  12. Anachronous

    What do you hate about your school?

    Oh, no, I totally agree with you. I'm the same way. Thing is, there's a huge disparity between "people not liking it" and "people using me as a punching bag because of it." I simply think that the difference between those reactions should cause different approaches.
  13. Anachronous

    What do you hate about your school?

    My only gripe with my school is that there's too much of a disparity among the student body... which, unfortunately, shows in the curriculum and the organization of students into classes. You'll wind up with bona fide wünderkinds in the same classrooms as nearly catatonic oafs. Subsequently, the work will be too difficult for some and, simultaneously, won't engage the others. It's pretty lame but it's the only fault I have with my school, honestly. You have to understand that, to the average person, wearing a tail on a daily basis is a bit strange. Seeing as you went to school in the ghetto, you're even less likely not to get harassed for such a thing. What I don't understand is why you would keep wearing the tail if you've since identified it as the reason you're getting beat up on a weekly basis. I get being devoted to a culture but, uh, that kind of veers off into masochism a little bit. It's a shame that had to happen to you, sure, but certain behaviors invoke certain responses from other people. You need to be savvy of this, as I'm sure you are now.