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    I like to play PS3, I also love to hang out with my bronys at school, watching the haters hate :P if you want to add me go ahead im new and worth beings friends with
  1. PSN: shadowbunny1 same with steam, but all i play is portal on there
  2. TheBigBrony

    Craft new pony

    i drew this pony within a matter of probably 2 1/5 minutes. hope u like ps. its sort of a side view and too lazy to retake photo XD
  3. i need opinions, also what color should she be? and what should her cutie mark be? this is my first pony too so no hate comments please
  4. thats good rose. you dont suck!!!
  5. how many of you are into dubstep?
  6. TheBigBrony

    Derpy Fan Club

    I love Derpy, she so kind at heart but yet is a destructive little one!
  7. im still not sure what my cutie mark is, but maybe something to do with art. im told im good at drawing but i still dont know what my cutie mark is
  8. This in on great site everypony!

  9. TheBigBrony

    Video My Dubs!

    the one you posted.. im new so i neeeded posts sss to join ze chats
  10. dude thats epic! too bad cod mw3 doesnt do that! what do you play on?
  11. TheBigBrony

    Video My Dubs!

    well your song is pretty sweet
  12. TheBigBrony

    n00by question xD

    i need to get past 5. i wanna join the chat!
  13. how did you make that picture? i like it alot!!
  14. TheBigBrony

    Hey Everypony

    just need to get a few posts out so i can join the chat
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