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  1. I got build bear Rainbow Dash and Pinkie pie for my birthday! I really liked them. The next to comes are Twilight Sparkle - Alicorn Spike - You know the dragon. Something to do with a train? Or so I've heard!
  2. *Sneaks on and looks left and looks right* I saw people... wanted me? *shifty eyes* But thanks everyone for there birthday wishes! ^_^

  3. You need to come back sometime soon, Midnightive. Also, happy birthday. :3

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    2. Midnightive


      I saw that! I'm not how I talk to new members. I'm all the awkward! x3

    3. ProjectRKA


      And you should check out PFM as well. T'is a pretty big project we've got going on. As well as Poniverse.

    4. Midnightive


      It looks cool! But sadly I'm not a /brony/ as such anymore. But I still like MLP so that's why I came back! :)

  4. Hey... I miss ya, get baaack. :3

    1. Midnightive


      Thank you! ^+^

  5. And... I'm back... for how long.... no idea! :D

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    2. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      What you're saying goes for all areas of life, not just this fandom or this forum. You need to learn to retain the things you like and disregard the rest, otherwise you'll never be able to get involved in anything.


      Even as a moderator there are some things on this site I never bother with unless my job requires it.

    3. Midnightive


      I guess that's true. But when you're depressed you only see the bad!

    4. Solar Wind

      Solar Wind

      Idk either. . .

  6. Sorry I havn't posted depression and hit me hard and shit. But i'll try and get something together!
  7. Sakura looked down at the egg, before whispering something to it. She looked up around for something to help do. She made a little nest for the egg to sit in. " Ok go get the logs! I'll use these leaves and rope!" she sad happily. She looked at the egg next to her ,wishing the fox like digimon was with her to help her.
  8. Don't even worrry someone has to talk to fluttershy! Also Sky just so so you know This role play is as slow one... but it never really dies...
  9. Sakura spent most of her time looking at the ground. Her arms tightly clutched around the egg. She looked up for a second to see she was about to walk into a tree. She had an idea, she turned to the people she was with before a smile crept up on her face. First one since the battle, " we should get help, build a boat i'm sure we could get there!" though trying to sound brave her voice cracked with emotion. She sighed, hugging the egg. She wanted nothing more to do then to see Renamon again. She over heard what Kuramon said, a smile spread from ear to ear. There was nothing, that Kuramon and Axe couldn't cheer her up from. She looked out to sea, " If we act fast and split up into two groups we'll have a raft and a place to sleep before night fall!"
  10. Gosh darn it i swear i posted! I'll post soon but then it's unlikey i'm going to post against until after new year. Oh yeah the reason i quoted you... Sure you can join i'd be a nice new change!