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  1. Midnightive

    Best. Joke. Ever.

  2. Midnightive

    Muffins vs Cupcakes: Whose side are you on?

  3. Midnightive

    Build-A-Bear Pony Plushies

    I got build bear Rainbow Dash and Pinkie pie for my birthday! I really liked them. The next to comes are Twilight Sparkle - Alicorn Spike - You know the dragon. Something to do with a train? Or so I've heard!
  4. Sorry I havn't posted depression and hit me hard and shit. But i'll try and get something together!
  5. Midnightive

    Private The new Digidestined

    Sakura looked down at the egg, before whispering something to it. She looked up around for something to help do. She made a little nest for the egg to sit in. " Ok go get the logs! I'll use these leaves and rope!" she sad happily. She looked at the egg next to her ,wishing the fox like digimon was with her to help her.
  6. Don't even worrry someone has to talk to fluttershy! Also Sky just so so you know This role play is as slow one... but it never really dies...
  7. Midnightive

    Private The new Digidestined

    Sakura spent most of her time looking at the ground. Her arms tightly clutched around the egg. She looked up for a second to see she was about to walk into a tree. She had an idea, she turned to the people she was with before a smile crept up on her face. First one since the battle, " we should get help, build a boat i'm sure we could get there!" though trying to sound brave her voice cracked with emotion. She sighed, hugging the egg. She wanted nothing more to do then to see Renamon again. She over heard what Kuramon said, a smile spread from ear to ear. There was nothing, that Kuramon and Axe couldn't cheer her up from. She looked out to sea, " If we act fast and split up into two groups we'll have a raft and a place to sleep before night fall!"
  8. Gosh darn it i swear i posted! I'll post soon but then it's unlikey i'm going to post against until after new year. Oh yeah the reason i quoted you... Sure you can join i'd be a nice new change!
  9. It's not dead! I'm just lazy I'll post soon! Don't even worry. I don't want to give a shitty reply so waiting for me ot think of something!
  10. Midnightive

    Private The new Digidestined

    Sakura let out a big drawn out sigh. She nodded, "Yes food is the best option" she turned and looked down at the necklace given to her. She wondered what fit inside it and wondered how long it would take for Renamon to come back. Letting out a big sigh she followed Leo into the forest. Looking back at Axe to see if he was following, she wondered if her feelings were growing for him.
  11. Midnightive

    Private The new Digidestined

    Sakura nodded and looked back at the group. "I guess, this is where will be going then the beach!" she said happily. She waited for Renamon to respond but looked down between her arms forgetting she was an egg. She started to walk out over the edge she saw the world coming fixing it self from Lady devimons rein.
  12. Your freaking out? All i see is normal Draw shouting at me in games so it's best Draw.... x3 Also yeah that's ok i can wait awhile and good luck everypony! *twiddles thumbs*
  13. Midnightive

    Private The new Digidestined

    Sakura whiled her eyes still hugging the egg for dear life. She walked towards the sound before a hologram appeared in front of her. Jumping back a in fright but still holding the egg tight. She looked at the hologram waiting for the rest to come round and join them. The man smiled, "As i was saying, though you the battle was hard it wasn't the end" he paused and went one. "your enemies will get stronger but so will you, you'll need these" he said a crest necklace landed in there hands. "Each of you will get a crest, something to be proud of" he went on. Sakura looked down at her egg, "Is there away to bring her back? To stop this fighting?" she asked still looking down at the egg. The man shook his head "Not yet dear, but soon all of you will be better and stronger then ever!" he pointed out. "Now go, you need to leave for new lands and a new adventurer!"
  14. Midnightive

    Private The new Digidestined

    Sakura looked at the egg finely the tears had stopped. She looked up at Wizardmon, who was now Candlemon, "Thank you" she got up holding the egg as tightly as she could. She turned to Axe and Kuramon, "don't be said Renamon wouldn't want that, she did it knowing what would happen" she said some tears were still flowing down her check. She looked at all of them "It's over... we've done it" she said smiling. Before a voice could be heard "Turns out, that wasn't the end" it sounded like an old man.
  15. Midnightive

    Private The Fountain RP

    Ivy sighed, "The truth is we don't know where earth is anymore" she said honestly. She looked around, "fingers there like... tiny hooves on each hoof to help us do things!" she tried to explain. She paused, "All of us we can't fly if we have wings and we can't use are horns for... what ever horns are for!" Looking back at her baby she let out other side, "I have no idea how to look after a baby pony"