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  1. Hi everyone! I made a tribute to Marble Pie x Big Mac cause I think the ship is so cute Just thought I'd share it
  2. Just finished reading Fo:E a few days ago, so I was inspired to make one of those snazzy picture montage PMVs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJX_nT5pZ80 Enjoy! Took me long enough to make XD
  3. Oh, my bad. He was a fairly famous PMV maker, one of his works was in PMVToday's contest a year or two ago:
  4. I was just browsing through Youtube and found out that epicdarkwizard12's channel was deleted, anyone know what happened to him or if he has a new one?
  5. Hey everypony! Just wanted to let you know about my latest video creation I made a ponified trailer for The Woman in Black 2! Enjoy!
  6. Just finished watching this movie, and it was AWESOME! SO much of an improvement from the first one. Let's Have a Battle is without a doubt one of my top 5 favorite songs from the show ever. Pacing was a little bit wonky in some places and I was hoping Flash would have a bit more character development, but those were about the only gripes I had. Even as someone who really didn't like Equestria Girls 1, I really enjoyed this one. Even better hopes now for season 5!
  7. Hey guys! Check out my new PMV, which is a contest entry for EFNW 2014!
  8. Finally, Summer!!!

  9. Just letting y'all know, I'll probably be more active around here once summer starts.

  10. Best finale ever!

  11. It was a full hour of just AWWWWWWWEEEEEESOOOOOMEEEE Seriously, that is the best finale so far. Best scene was the badass fight between Twilight and Tirek: Only sad part is that we'll have to wait till 2015 to see season 5 D:
  12. Wow, sorry for the recent inactivity, guys. :P

  13. This was definitely my favorite episode of the season so far! Fluttershy was adorable as always and I loved how they brought back Flutterguy from a past episode. My only gripe about this one was that I found it hard to believe that Big Mac lost his voice for, like, a week. Still, LOVED IT! <3
  14. Hey everyone, happy valentine's day! To celebrate, I whipped up this 30-minute-long mix of Hearts & Hooves themed pony music! Check it out, and enjoy!
  15. Happy Valentine's Day everypony! To celebrate, check out my new valentine's music mix here:

  16. Wow, Simple Ways... dat Applejack bro.

  17. Pretty good episode, the AJ-Rarity role switch was hilarious!
  18. I liked this episode a lot, so many songs!
  19. No one ever replies to my status updates XP

  20. Hmm, I haven't posted around here in a while...

  21. Discord! This episode was amazing!
  22. Anypony else gonna be on Legend of Equestria for their open server weekend tomorrow? :D

    1. Standard User

      Standard User

      Tried it before. Didn't really appeal to me, though if there is actually something to do this time I might give it another shot.

    2. SparkBrony


      Yeah, I missed the last open server weekend, so I'll be playing it for the first time this weekend :D

  23. G'night everypony! Wish me luck on my exams tomorrow! :D

    1. Zygen


      Goodluck on your exams dude!

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