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  1. You just have to find friends to play it...
  2. It's not a 100% dealbreaker if you do have good connection. It's a fine game, if people play with you. If the servers are reliable and don't update too often. If the game isn't buggy. I don't see SimCity as a bad game, but without friends it gets boring very fast.
  3. So I just recently got Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege for the PC. I'm a 21 year old New York brony and I'm eager to play with competent gamers. If you've got a Steam account, and enjoy the idea of tactical gaming with another brony on Siege...respond with your Steam name and let's get playing!
  4. Jacob Applehoof

    Gaming GTA V Discussion

    Add me everyone. I do! have a mic right now, but it's the only game my 360 is used for anymore My name is "seismic101" on Xbox...so feel free to add me!
  5. Steam: Jacob Applehoof (picture of Luna) I'm looking for people that have the ability and desire to talk vocally to me too...not just text
  6. Jacob Applehoof My icon changes a lot...so it may be: Sexual, Comical, MLP, or a combination of the 3...right now it's banana Celestia I really am looking for someone to physically talk to...so please, no mic, no invite, ok?
  7. I tend to watch the show when I'm bored, or on a trip with my iPad. Most of my MLP material is either commentary or animations, but the episodes themselves are worth a watch on my offtime ;P
  8. Anyone in the Ubisoft/Steam community wishing to play Splinter Cell: Blacklist? Even if you play casually, it's nice to know who you are. Add your Steam and Ubisoft, and distinct which is which. My Steam account is Jacob Applehoof (the Luna icon currently) My Origin account is seismic94 (no icon ;P)
  9. Jacob Applehoof

    Gaming SimCity 5 (SimCity 2013)

    I used it on US West 1 server, the invite system works fine. Join my region on that server, my name is Jacob Applehoof on Origin too.
  10. Jacob Applehoof

    Gaming SimCity 5 (SimCity 2013)

    Regretfully I'll be offline for the rest of the night, but I added you on Origin and will be on tomorrow at around mid afternoon.
  11. Jacob Applehoof

    Gaming SimCity 5 (SimCity 2013)

    Sounds good...what's your name on origin so I can find you? Can't find your city any other way, I'm afraid. Lots and lots and lots of character plots if i was to browse Alright everyone..I'm looking for a few more bronies to join my Equestria Region in US West 1, friend me for an invite, thanks...heh
  12. Hnng...all the feels! Damn my college schedule...now I have to hop on here even MORE often thank I had at first assumed. Gah...damn
  13. Hey all...I'm Jacob Applehoof, an avid gamer and college student. I mostly enjoy PC games, with my primary interests being Steam (Jacob Applehoof) and Simcity via Origin (Jacob_Applehoof). I am also an artist on FiMFiction.net (Jacob Applehoof) with my best story, Trixie's Redemption, having over 12,000 views! Feel free to contact me for any reason...I'll try to get to you soon.
  14. Jacob Applehoof

    Gaming SimCity 5 (SimCity 2013)

    Hey everyone, while the server issues are a bit wonky, I'd love to get an Equestria map going! Add me on Origin Jacob_Applehoof
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